InnerLandscaping Launches Healing Path Quilts—Cotton Lap Labyrinths for Hospices, Hospitals, and More

September 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Asheville, NC; August, 2007—InnerLandscaping announced its new line of products—Healing Path Quilts. These lap-sized labyrinth quilts are small, llightweight, portable, affordable, comforting, washable, and quickly traced. They are aimed at providing relaxation, easing of anxiety and pain, and access to the “inner healer” for people in health care settings.

“What the movie ‘Sicko’ shows us is that we can no longer simply rely on doctors, insurance companies, and the government to take care of us; we all need to begin taking more personal responsibility for our health and well-being,” says Laurel Reinhardt, Ph.D., Wellness Coach and President of InnerLandscaping, Inc.

According to Dr. Reinhardt, one of the tools for doing this is the labyrinth, which takes you not just to its center, but to your own center, as well, where people can learn to listen within themselves for what they might be needing in the way of healing. Perhaps that is Western medicine, perhaps some alternative route, perhaps a combination of the two. Regardless, Dr. Reinhardt feels that a trip through a labyrinth can help you relax and make some of these decisions for yourself.

Just how useful are labyrinths? While research is still sparse, Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Medical Institute has found that focused walking meditations, such as labyrinths provide, can help people cope with stress, reduce pain, prepare for surgery, and build a deeper sense of inner peace. In the words of Robert Ferre, a worldwide leader in labyrinth technology and President of Labyrinth Enterprises, “A labyrinth is a type of pilgrimage which takes us within, to our own center, where inner healing takes place.”

When walking labyrinths first began their renaissance in the 1990;s, Dr. Reinhardt immediately saw their application for health and well-being, and watched with delight as they began appearing at various healthcare facilities. At the same time, she recognized their limitations. “A lot of the people who might benefit the most from these meditation tools—people in hospice, visitors not wanting to leave their sleeping loved ones’ bedsides, staff who don’t have the time to do a 15-30 minute walking meditation—have been unable to use these wonderful tools.” Dr. Reinhardt hopes that Healing Path Quilts can help change that.

Originally developed specifically for health care settings, Healing Path Quilts also have applications for home, business, and travel. “The sky’s the limit; what better way to deal with the stress of travel than by relaxing within a labyrinth.” said Dr. Reinhardt, with obvious enthusiasm. “Go experience one!”

Corporate Summary
InnerLandscaping, Inc., offers individual and corporate wellness coaching and consulting; workshops based on Dr. Reinhardt’s book, Healing without Fear; and labyrinth quilts for homes and businesses. With Healing Path Quilts, Dr. Reinhardt has woven together her fiber artistry, love and respect for labyrinths, and expertise on wellness and the healing journey.