Digital Camera Help Website MalekTips Offers "Home Run" Baseball Photography Tips

June 13, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
KNOXVILLE, TN — Award-winning computer and digital camera help website MalekTips ( today announced a free guide to taking "home run" baseball photos. As the summer is getting in "full swing", the big leagues are nearing their half-way point. Each game grows in importance and can affect the standings, resulting in fast pitches, big swings, crucial catches, and many other exciting digital photo opportunities.

Some of the free baseball photo advice includes:

* Change your camera settings, such as your shutter speed, to take the quickest photographs possible. However, the quicker the shutter speed, the less light enters the camera to take the picture.

* Study the lineup before the game. Know who are the key players and those who barely know how to swing a bat. Focus your attention on the stars as they most likely will make the best photographs, but don't be so drawn to celebrity that you miss a role player making a crucial steal or diving catch that wins the game for their team!

* Look around for photo opportunities not directly related to the action. Take a photograph of the grounds crew cleaning the bases and raking the dirt between innings. Get a few shots of the crowd. Take a picture of the scoreboard. Shoot photographs showcasing the FULL baseball experience.

Other advice includes detailed tips to help you take the "perfect photo" of a batter's swing, just as the baseball makes contact.

The MalekTips "Home Run Baseball Photography Tips" article is available at , and over 400 additional photography tips, including advice for other sports, can be found at .

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