September 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News

Kleward Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is planning to introduce a comprehensive and powerful Veterinary Practice Management System including a complete information about latest veterinary softwares and development in veterinary industry. This portal will be dedicated for providing world-class veterinary services and fulfilling practice management needs of veterinary technicians and pet owners.

Refinement and modernization of veterinary practice management, has encouraged highly skilled software professionals to try their hand in development of veterinary softwares. These softwares are specific for veterinary business application including managing client records, appointments, accounting and payroll administration. Moreover, some pet- specific softwares are also offered including pet grooming software, pet sitting software, and pet care software. These software can assist veterinary technicians to handle complexities associated with pet-care and size of veterinary practice. Every effort has been made to make the application of these software efficient and profitable.

Apart from the software services, Kleward is capable of providing a complete information on veterinary and health care industries.