1483 Online Accepts 3rd Party Advertisements

September 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Based on the popular 1483 Medieval board game series, 1483 Online is the flagship game in the Guild of Blades's Empires of History Gaming Network, a new series of free multi player turn based online strategy games, also including Thermopylae Online and with Pantheons Online in development. Currently 1483 ONline offers the 28 player Europe 1483 Online game, which has been the proving ground for the software game engine, and in beta testing since spring of 2006. In development currently and expected for release in early 2008 is the massive game Full World 1483 Online, which will support 95 players per ongoing game. As a network of free games, 1483 Online and other games within the network generate revenues through advertising delivered during the playing of the games, enhanced user memberships and through sales of Guild of Blades' board games and e-products.

Surpassing a 4,200 users and having reached the stage in the beta testing process where the 1483 Online software and web site has matured to become a stable gaming platform, the Guild of Blades Publishing Group has made the decision to begin accepting 3rd party advertising. Through this stage in the beta testing process advertising had been closed and limited only to a select number of advertising agencies and networks. With its impressive 94.8% male audience, gaming and historical focus, and ability to reach the younger demographics, 1483 Online and the Empires of History Gaming Network offers a unique ability for advertisers to hit those targeted audiences.

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About 1483 Online:
1483 Online is the online adaptation of the popular board game series by the Guild of Blades Publishing Group. 1483 Online and the Empires of History Gaming Network are all online adaptations to previously design and for sale board games by the Guild of Blades, offering players both face to face and online gaming options. The Guild of Blades is a game publishing company founded in 1994 and the publisher of popular brands such as the Empires of History board game series, Button Wars: Tactical Spaceship Combat Game, Heroes Forever Role Playing Game and others. For further information on the Guild of Blades Publishing Group, visit:


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