BugHuntress Software Testing Company — 3 Tests to Success

September 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
This month BugHuntress QA Lab has celebrated its 6-th anniversary. Since 2001 over 50 software testing projects for mobile, wireless, embedded, and WAP / Web 2.0 applications have been successfully accomplished for customers all over the world.

But the main tests BugHuntress QA Lab has passed itself.

The first test was customer's confidence. The quality of testing services can be crucial for the future of tested software. Therefore the fair reputation and customers' trust are extremely important for a testing company.

Nowadays BugHuntress boasts of long-term cooperation with a number of the clients from the USA and the UK. The partnership with some of them has been continuing for about three years now. "We really appreciated the efforts that you put into the many test projects that you completed for us," says Stephen Ives, CEO of British company Tuptu Ltd. It goes without saying that such appreciations inspire a lot.

The second test was proper personnel. Some people consider testing to be a secondary activity. As a result, junior programmers are rather often assigned as testers. Of course, they consider testing only as the first step to programming. Such 'testers' don't have a stimulus to be properly trained in testing or improve their testing view and proficiency level.

However, testing is an important particular engineering discipline. It requires special methodologies, tools, knowledge, skills, experience, peculiar talent and inspiration. BugHuntress is proud of its team of professionals. "As for me, testing implies a deeper understanding of the software and its development lifecycle and at the same time a view on software from the user's standpoint, not with programmer's eyes," points out Lena Lakoshko, QA Team Lead at BugHuntress. "Testing is thoroughness and orderliness, but simultaneously it means specific flair and great responsibility."

The third main test passed by BugHuntress was temptation to be "all-in-one". Some service providers offer all types of testing for all industries. Nevertheless it is impossible to be an expert in all fields. BugHuntress QA Lab adheres to Testing 2.0 approach with its deep specialization and expert-level services (see more at http://bughuntress.com/analytics/software_testing_2.html).

BugHuntress is situated in Ukraine, in a country with a strong commitment to R&D and high educational and engineering level. Using this background, BugHuntress puts the focus on technically complex types of testing and such domains as embedded systems, security, wireless, mobile, WAP, e-Business software. "Our core distinction is a creative and innovative approach," says Oleg Kamyshanov, Director of BugHuntress QA Lab. "It is our 'secret tool' to save testing time, reduce its costs and enhance the quality."

Celebrating this anniversary, BugHuntress team makes plans for the future. To some extent, it is not too difficult for them. Indeed, BugHuntress specialists know about the future a little more than other people: they already test the software and embedded systems which will be the IT mainstream in the future.

BugHuntress QA Lab (www.bughuntress.com) is a Ukrainian testing company founded in 2001. BugHuntress offers outsourcing software testing services as well as dedicated testing teams leasing. The core expertise is testing of software for mobile and wireless devices, home multimedia complexes, WAP portals and Web 2.0 e-Business applications. BugHuntress performs automated and manual functionality, usability, load, performance, localization, and other types of testing. BugHuntress QA Lab is a division of QArea Group (www.qarea.com).