CURE FOR OBESITY: Develop a Lifetime Physique

September 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO—September 15, 2007—Fitness expert, Stuart Schaefer, writes a new book, Lifetime Physique, that enables people to get motivated, stay motivated, take control of their lives, and combat the obesity epidemic.

Lifetime Physique is a fitness book that takes a radically different approach towards getting in shape and, more importantly, staying in shape. It reveals how eating MORE can burn fat; exercising LESS can actually be better; and how to create a mindset to achieve anything!

The book is not a gimmick. It takes a simple, yet effective approach towards transforming one’s body and becoming fit by going back to the tried-and-true principles of exercise and fitness, and teaching the step-by-step process in an “easy-to-understand” style. Both motivating and informative, the book also explores the mental process that must occur if success is to be found. Schaefer, who has been involved with fitness for nearly a decade, explains: “Although fitness involves physical changes, it is a mental process. Too many sources approach becoming fit as purely physical, when it’s really psychological.”

Real-life success story, Ashley Adam, says, “Stu’s program first helped me to feel confident with myself…Immediately after, I started to exercise and my muscles began to change…my self-esteem began to sky rocket too. I encourage others to be courageous, and to apply the successes they find into all areas of their life”

Why do obesity rates continue to increase? “It’s because people are developing bad Lifestyles,” says Schaefer. “We, as a nation, have started creating bad habits. Bad eating habits, bad fitness habits—bad lifestyle habits. If we want to cure the obesity epidemic, we’re going to have to start re-creating good habits that we know work. But, it must start with the mind.”

For more information, and to find out how to purchase Lifetime Physique, visit It also includes exercise demos, Q&A, message boards, blogs, and upcoming events where Schaefer can be seen.

About the Author

Talk about a success story; Stuart Schaefer is a living, walking success story of his new book, Lifetime Physique: 16 Weeks to a Better Body, a Better Life—A Better You. He has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade—starting as a bodybuilder, then moving into training where he has reached hundreds of men and women transform. He leads motivational seminars, teaches people how to become self-motivated, and, now, Stuart has written Lifetime Physique. In it, he shares his secrets he uses to help others achieve success in life. Oh yeah, and he's done all this by age 23.

Stuart Schaefer