Smart for Life Weight Management Goes Organic!

September 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Clearwater FL, September 2007 – Smart for Life Weight Management™ has managed to continue on a path of cutting edge success while helping people to live healthier lives. So what is the secret to their recent success? The inclusion of organic cookies that help to control hunger!

“The move to organic products and our dedication to a comprehensive approach for weight loss is what makes us so different from other programs,” says Director of Business Development Shiraz Hemani. “Recent statistics show seventy percent of people that try to diet by themselves never end up reaching their goal. On the flip side, people engaged in a weight loss program lose five times more weight than they would on their own.”

He went on to explain, “The two most important factors for success are accountability and hunger control. The Smart for Life™ system includes one-on-one doctor supervision and weekly check-ups which help the patient to feel accountable. Without that accountability and continued reinforcement, it's difficult for anyone to make lasting lifestyle changes.”

Asked about how the organic products factor into the program, Shiraz replied, ”The organic cookie is the key to hunger control during the day. Each cookie is full of nutrients, amino acids and, fiber to naturally suppress hunger while supplying the body with the protein and healthy fats it needs to maintain energy. Going with an organic formula means that our cookies have a higher nutrient content, more protein and, no pesticides or chemicals. When you think about your long term health,” he adds, “it's very important to remember you are what you eat.”

In addition to six cookies a day, patients also eat a low fat high protein meal for dinner. Most patients also take natural vitamins and other supplements after consulting with a Smart for Life doctor about their unique nutritional needs. Patients who follow the medically supervised program lose 10 to 15 pounds per month on average. Founded by Dr. Sasson E. Moulavi, a board certified bariatric physician, the Smart for Life Weight Management™ program has helped thousands of patients make positive changes in their lives.