2.0 is LIVE

September 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
We are very excited to announce the deployment of the new website located at We like to call it 2.0.

The new site was a necessity as technology evolves and our solutions with it. We are very excited to share our new site with our clients and visitors. Our world-class designers and developers worked tirelessly to complete the new The new site is set to be one of the most comprehensive technology firm websites in the region.

Here are some of the benefits we wanted to deliver to our visitors and current clients when using the new website:

* More useful information about ways to increase revenue and profits using technology.
* Showcase our work portfolio and their impact on clients' business.
* More demos of our systems so prospects can see how the system may work before they commit.
* Better client communications using our project manager right from the website.
* More support options for our clients with a modified online option.
* Up-to-date news so you are in the know.
* Share our latest offers with our clients and prospects.
* ProductiveT newsletter sign up option so visitors and clients may get the monthly Productive Business newsletter.
* A comprehensive Resources section to educate clients and prospects about how technology can help them run their business better.
* More info about the ProductiveT team, clients and partners.

Productive Technologies is a productivity improvement and vision delivery firm. ProductiveT specializes in software and web development, innovation management, and enterprise visibility solutions. ProductiveT is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has offices in Norman, Oklahoma, Portland, Washington and Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ProductiveT works with small to large businesses including Fortune 500 companies in the US and worldwide.