Niche Auction Site Starts New Trend – No More Fees

September 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sellers are often revolted after receiving their bill for listing items on popular online auction sites. On some auction sites it is possible to run up fees of over $50 just by selling a single item. One new site offers relief.

According to President Gordon Brinton, anger and resentment toward those big sites can run deep, particularly among the audio community. His findings come from seeing many years of discussion and complaints in audio related Internet forums. Professionals and hobbyists alike tend to be somewhat frustrated when it comes to buying and selling used equipment.

A live sound engineer, home studio owner, and all around audiophile, Gordon has certainly had his share of auctioning second-hand gear. He speaks for many when he says he is fed up with soaring End-of-Auction charges and what seems like a minefield of listing fees.

He has decided to fight back by giving away free auction space to fellow audio enthusiasts everywhere. Gordon has generously opened his site to the “greater” audio community and is allowing them to sell auction style completely free of charge. He says all standard auction business is on-the-house regardless of whether you are buying, selling, or trading. In fact, the only way to generate a fee at is to specify that your listings be given special treatment.

Gordon puts into plain words what exactly led him to start up his free auction site, “We just needed a place to buy, sell, and trade our audio hardware without feeling like we were being fleeced. We were never very fond about all the doll babies and jewelry getting in our way either. I know there is not much room for profit. What little fees I do happen to collect will go toward maintaining the site. I just wanted to prove it could be done without all the big fees.” was fully launched in late August. The site offers a wide range of categories to cover almost all industry related items. It makes available the ideal venue to buy, sell, and trade for this enormous niche market. It amasses shoppers whose main interest is, in one way or another, only in audio. Home HiFi buffs, car audio lovers, DJ’s, studio owners, acoustic experts, and pro engineers are all welcome.

Many of the most common auction [site] features are provided to make visitors feel right at home. Users will discover that this site requires little or no learning curve. Luxuries such as instant payments and instant messaging are all built in. Vendors can setup permanent stores to market their wares. Also offered are ID and address verification to help curve dishonesty. Web address: