Stem Organics Leads the Beauty Industry as Australia’s First 100% Climate Neutral Skincare Range.

September 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
After years of careful research, Lara Deutsch and Myke Christoffel of Melbourne, Victoria, pursued their passion to create a premium, contemporary, organic skincare range for both women and men, which successfully launched in the US in late 2006.

“Being environmentally-aware individuals, it was always our intention to be Carbon Neutral, it didn’t happen by chance” says Lara. “When we developed the range, we contacted a variety of Australian organizations that provide carbon credits and Carbon Neutral accreditations and chose Climate FriendlyTM as they had
the best fit with our strategic vision”.

The role of Climate FriendlyTM is to assess businesses carbon outputs and determine how many carbon credits are required to neutralize the emissions of a particular product or process. The proceeds of the credits contribute towards growing the renewable energy industry, which is the long-term solution for global warming.

In July 2007, Climate FriendlyTM announced Stem Organics as the first Australian skincare range to have both the company and the products 100% Climate Neutral.

“The accreditation by Climate FriendlyTM means we give back to the environment and support organizations that are trying to make a difference, which is an honor for us. The fact we are a smaller company has allowed us to control all levels of our business processes and be aware of the amount of carbon we produce. Being Carbon Neutral is not simple to control or measure, but we are intensely focussed on ‘the big picture’ and are proud that we have been recognized and acknowledged for our efforts” comments Lara.

As a Carbon Neutral business, Stem Organics has achieved full climate neutrality, with zero greenhouse gas emissions. This has been achieved by neutralising emissions from electricity use, travel, gas use, couriers, paper consumption and in Stem Organics case, the emissions from creating their products.

“Selected ingredients are sourced from the Australian bush, and many are grown with minimal interference from Man” comments Lara. “The ever-increasing range includes cleansers, moisturisers and facial serums. Our passion lies in the integrity of our ingredients, the overall manufacturing process and using packaging made from recycled materials. We have a strong focus on environmental sustainability, sharing a percentage of profits with the World Wildlife Fund” adds Lara.

With the organic skincare market generating increased attention in recent years, Stem Organics has been recognised as a brand to watch in the industry. Top retailers including Studio at Fred Segal, Theory Flagships and selected beauty boutiques carry the exclusive range and has been heralded by Woman’s Wear Daily Beauty Biz, America’s ‘industry bible’, as one of the ‘It List Organic Beauty Brands for 2007.