Orizin Technologies launches Active RFID System for Laptop Tracking Enables tracking of all moving / valued assets for IT companies

September 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Bangalore, September 5, 2007- Orizin Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of RFID solutions, having its Indian operations in Mysore, today announced the launch of Active RFID system which Includes tags and readers for tracking (with improved security) Laptops and other valued assets in the IT industry.

The Active RFID based system would facilitate the collection of data over longer distance (15-20m) and with greater accuracy in metallic and water environment. Unlike barcode, data can be captured from assets and other items over longer distance without the need of physically going near to the system. This will enable real-time identification of Laptops and other valued assets with their location with enhanced security. This will also eliminate the painstaking and time consuming process of scanning individual items increasing the staff productivity by ten to fifteen times. For an e.g, sitting anywhere across globe, system administrator would be able to determine the location and movement information of a particular asset in real-time. Vehicles with active RFID tags can be located anywhere in the premises having Active Readers at strategic locations.

“Active RFID gives capability to every object to be networked, to be identified whenever required without the need of line of sight.” said Sunil Kumar, Vice President, Business Development & Sales, Orizin. “RFID is touted as the next generation technology out competing barcode and EAS system in terms of benefits.” added Sunil.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a wireless technology that is being used for tracking and identification. RFID overcomes several limitations as inherited by traditional barcode system like tracking stationery items one at a time, inability to detect hidden items and limited read-range.
The company designs and manufactures all these system at its Mysore office making the system cost-effective backed by better support.

About Orizin Technologies
Orizin Technologies is one of the leading RFID solutions providers based in India. The company designs and manufactures all RFID devices like readers, antennas, security gates and portable RFID equipment at Mysore and provide integrated RFID solutions like retail management, assets tracking, supply chain management, jewellery tracking, vehicle tracking and other turnkey solutions to customers in Libraries, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and IT.

Orizin was founded in the year 2005 by Prashant Agrawal and Palaniappan C. Both are pass outs of NIT Trichy (formerly known as REC Trichy) with sound industry experience in Embedded system domain.

At present the company addresses various needs of industry verticals by means of the following RFID based solutions:

1. Retail Management
2. Jewellery Tracking
3. Assets Tracking
4. Document Tracking
5. Library Management
6. Work-in-progress tracking
7. Supply chain management
8. Vehicle tracking

The company designs and manufactures the following products:

1. Readers
2. Hand-held devices
3. Antennas
4. Gate Sensors
5. Smart Kiosks

Orizin’s unique proposition is that they design and manufacture all RFID products in-house as per the Indian conditions unlike other companies who import products from abroad. This gives them an advantage over others in terms of better customer service and flexibility to customize hardware as required by the client.

At present Orizin has employee strength of 12.

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