Launches - Office Gossip Site Lets Employees Evaluate Bosses and Share Office Confessions

September 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sep 6, 2007, Bangalore, India — formally unveils its wholesome office entertainment and gossip site to the general public, following an earlier release to a selected beta community. is a space for office gossip and entertainment, where one can laugh and unwind after that long grueling day at work. The website provides a platform for like-minded people to network, express and share their daily office adventures - be it romance, pranks, politics, confessions, workplace revenge, dressing disasters, embarrassing moments and practically everything that happens around the workplace, whilst maintaining anonymity. The website also provides the millions of employees around the globe a unique opportunity and interface to appraise their bosses and pass verdicts on their managers.

"Pouring one's heart out helps in reducing stress, anxiety and tensions in life and in turn makes us mentally and physically healthy. We want to provide our users the opportunity to let these negative emotions out of their system by exploring and connecting with other boss victims, sharing pranks, office romance stories, embarrassing moments, political office stories and other workplace confessions", says the Founder of

The website not only provides a platform for users to let out their steam but also encourages the development of its community. The "Gyan Guru" traditionally a person with unfathomable knowledge - offers advice on various aspects of work and personal life such as career, personal growth, fashion, health, beauty, zodiac signs etc.

For those who want to interact closely, OGS has a forum where users can have detailed discussions on the topics of their choice. Eight categories spanning across entertainment, eating out, travel, wealth, sport and politics allow users to share nearly everything relevant on the forum.

"We want to hear what our users have to say about their bosses and what they want to confess. This is an employees forum to anonymously share with all the times they've been really naughty at the office, times when they were trying to woo someone, times when they were wormed into a horrible political situation or may be simply times when their boss gave them a hard time. It's that simple your story, our forum - and we all share our experiences", says the Business Development Manager at

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