Squidoo.com launches SquidWho, the first open, people-powered, Who’s Who on the web.

September 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(Irvington, NY) This is Wikipedia for the rest of us.

Wikipedia is a phenomenon. It has forever changed the way people learn about the world and the people in it. But Wikipedia is getting picky. It regularly bars biographical entries about people who aren’t ‘notable’ enough. It also requires the group to agree on a person’s biography, and works hard to avoid point of view and opinion.

Enter Squidwho.com, the fast-growing online biography site that allows anyone to build a page about anyone (even themselves).

Are you notable enough? Of course you are.

Famous used to mean Gene Kelly and Mae West, or Sandy Weil and Bill Gates. But with the long tail, notable means: you're the #1 player on your tennis team; you're the top of your marketing department; you're a blogger lots of people read and talk about — you're the best and most" notable" in your niche, however small. That's the kind of famous that SquidWho is about…

SquidWho is the people-powered open who's who online. If you think someone is notable enough to warrant a bio, then they are. Your call, not ours, not some invisible editor's. If you don't like the bio you see on someone, build a better one. It's free. Royalties go to charity. Best one wins. SquidWho already contains terrific fanpage on a huge range of notables, from Bono, presidential candidates, Jessica Alba, and Stephen King, to bloggers and lensmasters and (perhaps) your annoying next door neighbor.

Every single day, almost a thousand new SquidWho pages are built. If you have a co-worker, you can write about her. Or your boss. Or your hero. Or yourself! Anyone who needs to get found more online can set up their own bio page on SquidWho.

“SquidWho is the fastest-growing product we’ve ever launched,” said Megan Casey, editor-in-chief of Squidoo.com, which powers SquidWho. “I think it’s the allure of redefining what famous means, along with the time-saving nature of the site. You type in a name and the computer magicbuilds a really decent starter page for you."

The default setting for all user royalties from Squidwho is automatically set to donate to the Acumen Fund (www.acumenfund.org), an Org 2.0 philanthropy funding projects in the developing world. Users are free to change their settings to any other charity or to their personal PayPal accounts.

For more information, visit http://www.squidwho.com

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