New Game to Test Your Web Geography

September 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Translation service Lingo24 launches a new and fun educational game that tests the knowledge of European Web geography. Web Whereabouts is a challenging game where countries identified only by their shape and their country code top-level domain (TLD) need to be correctly positioned within a map of Europe.

From “.uk” to “.cy”, Lingo24 invites users from all over the web to play Web Whereabouts for free. And in case codes like “.cy” or “.mt” don’t sound very familiar, the game provides helpful hints to find the countries easier on the map.

By clicking the link to Web Whereabouts, users can start testing their knowledge of web codes and European geography right now. And after completing the game, they are welcomed to share impressions with others on a forum hosted by Lingo24.

Players of Web Whereabouts will also find on the Lingo24 website additional resources for making their way on the Worldwide Web. A collection of useful phrases in various languages and free online translation are just a few of the available tools.

About Lingo24

Lingo24 is one of the fastest-growing translation companies in the world,
with operations in the UK and six other countries worldwide. Founded in
2001, the company is a great case study for:

: e-business (90% of its customers find it through the Internet)

: globalisation (its business is a barometer of globalisation for British
business, and the company itself has 'internationalised' in a short space of

: EU expansion (the company has its largest operation in Timisoara, Romania)

: green business (the company has a strict environmental policy and limited
office use to minimise unnecessary travel)

: home-working (Lingo24 employees work from home more than 95% of the time)

: youthful entrepreneurialism (the company was established by a 22-year-old graduate of Oxford University)