Schools say yes to Water Coolers with 3 terms worth of Interest Free Credit

September 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Water Coolers Direct have recently launched an initiative whereby schools in the UK can take advantage of 3 terms worth of Interest Free Credit. The latest initiative dovetails with the Water Coolers Direct Schools Funding Pack which contains a range of funding solutions to enable schools to afford their own water systems.

Formed in March 2004 as a reaction to onerous water cooler rental contracts Water Coolers Direct boast a long history of supporting schools in the UK, and have recently donated a water cooler to Merton Parents for Better Food in School.

The government has recently announced that from September 2007 pupils in primary, secondary, special and boarding schools, and pupil referral units in England should have easy access at all times to free, fresh drinking water. The new standards were developed following research which showed that children were not choosing healthy food choices at lunchtime as most of the options available didn’t meet their nutritional needs.

The School Foods Trust suggests that it’s good practice to “Make sure that water is available, easily accessible and is free of charge to all pupils where they are having lunch…” the guidelines go on to suggest that schools should “…promote water availability throughout the school, so children do not have to rely on taps in toilets for a drink.”

Fred Cairns Palmer, Managing Director, Ltd said, "When attempting to source water systems that are appropriate for the school environment, schools are running into problems mostly relating to the hassle and expense of rental contracts, such as committing limited funds to an ongoing rental contract and opening the school to a third party contractor when the machines require sanitisation. With the new facet to this ongoing campaign we are hoping to help as many UK schools as possible provide access to water for their pupils."

Water Coolers Direct allows schools to take advantage of the following benefits:

Take advantage of 3 terms worth of Interest Free Credit
Water Coolers Direct can offer all schools who sign up to our Direct Debit Scheme 9 Months Interest Free Credit on their purchase.

Purchasing a Cooler Outright brings its own Reward for Schools
Schools can avoid committing limited funds to an ongoing rental contract and can allow staff or cleaners to sanitise the cooler rather than being reliant on external contractors visiting the school.

Schools benefit from a £25 Discount on each Cooler Purchased
Water Coolers Direct are now offering all schools a further £25 discount on each cooler that they purchase.

Get Help Obtaining Corporate Sponsorship
Water Coolers Direct are providing all UK schools with a range of downloadable files, enabling them to approach local businesses and gain the required funding for their water cooler.

Martin Booth the Sales Director of Water Coolers Direct said "We are recognised as being one of the first water cooler companies to take an active interest in schools, we have received great feedback on our campaign from organisations such as Merton Parents for Better Food in School and Prue Leith of the School Foods Trust"