Trend or Diversity? What do this year's drop in SAT scores really mean?

September 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New York, NY ~The College Board announced that this year's average SAT scores dropped for the second year in a row. This comes on the tail of reports that last year's scores were the lowest in 31 years. The national critical reading average this year was 502, 1 point lower than last year's average of 503 (which was down 5 points from the previous year), and the math score declined to 515 from 518 (which was down 2 points from the previous year). The average score on the SAT writing test was 494, 3 points lower than that of the previous year.

Michele LoBosco, owner of Academics Plus Tutoring Center and author of How to Ace the SAT Without Losing Your Cool and The SAT Success Personal Workbook, comments, "That the SAT scores dropped for the second year in a row makes the test's increased length a more probable factor than the explanation given by the exam makers for the decline in scores. The test went from being 3 hours to 3 hrs and 45 minutes. When breaks, instruction reading and administrative processes are factored in, the testing process can exceed 5 hours. It really is difficult to stay focused, grounded, and perform to one's potential with an exam that long; it often winds up being a test of stamina, just as much as a measure of one's reasoning skills."

"The College Board reasons that the decrease in scores is due to the increased diversity of the student population taking the exam putting a positive slant on this disturbing trend," she adds. "However, this is the second year that SAT scores have dropped but the third year that ACT national averages have increased, even though there have been increases in minority constituencies on the ACT since 2003. Given this information, why is it that SAT scores are declining and ACT scores and improving? It just doesn't add up."

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