Pixelmetrix Video Validator™ Debuts at IBC 2007

September 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
IBC, RAI Amsterdam, September 7, 2007, Booth 1.339A – Pixelmetrix, the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks, announces the launch of its Video Validator™ at IBC 2007, Amsterdam.

The Video Validator™ serves as a full reference video quality analyzer of video streams. The analysis comprises of a comprehensive collection of metrics including PSNR, MSE, MSAD and Video MOS.

The system works with a reference image and a test image, and uses full reference algorithms to run video analysis. Full reference video stream analysis measures the differences between the Reference and Distorted Images. The reference image is the uncompressed and full quality source image, while the distorted image being used is the output of the image transformation engine; in this case, it could be a transmission channel, encoder or simply a compression algorithm.

The Video Validator™ Video Stream Analyzer complements the VisualMPEG VQA by providing a common subset of metrics such as Blockiness, Blurriness and Video MOS.

In addition to this common subset, the Video Validator™ Stream Analyzer also provides additional metrics drawing on the full-reference analyzer model being utilized. These include PSNR (Peak Signal-Noise Ratio), Delta, MSE (Mean Squared Error) and MSAD (Maximum Sum of Absolute Difference).

“We continually enhance our current product lines and develop more of such cutting-edge evaluation tools for video compression systems and algorithms to help step up the competency and efficiency of the service providers. Now, with the Video Validator™ Video Stream Analyzer, we have a thorough file-based stream analysis and verification tool with extensive media formats support including YCbCr, AVI, MPEG4 and H.264,” said Danny Wilson, Pixelmetrix President & CEO.

At Booth 1.339A, Pixelmetrix will also showcase its new EndGame™, DVShift-S21, Video Validator™, DVStor-Flashback and DVStor-DAS (Direct-Attached-Storage), DVStation-IP³™, DVStation-Mini™, DVStorIP-Gen™, DVB-H and DVB-S2.

Pixelmetrix develops a host of IPTV and Preventive Monitoring systems that offer unique attributes and versatility, allowing operators to achieve end-to-end visibility and keep tabs on their network architecture.

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About Pixelmetrix Corporation

Pixelmetrix Corporation is the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks. The company provides equipment and network intelligence systems to television broadcasters for the management and monitoring of quality of service and quality of experience. Headquartered in Singapore, Pixelmetrix has offices in the United States and Europe.

Pixelmetrix clientele include CNN/Turner Networks, Viacom, Fox, CBS, ESPN, Disney, Univision, Telefutura, USDTV, HBO, NHK, Japan Telecom, KPBS, NTL, Sky PerfecTV! Japan, British Telecom, Canal+ and Télédiffusion de France.

Pixelmetrix has been conferred the Peter Wayne Award for Best Design and Innovation IBC 2000, the STAR 2000 and 2004 Superior Technology Awards from TV Technology Magazine, Cable-Satellite/Mediacast Product of the Year Awards 2003 and 2004, Broadcast Engineering publication Pick Hit Award 2005 as well as the BIRTV Product of the Year Award 2006.

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