Pixelmetrix EndGame™, Coupled with DVStation-IP³™, Offers True End-to-End Monitoring System For Quality of Experience

September 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
IBC, RAI Amsterdam, September 8, 2007, Booth 1.339A – Pixelmetrix, the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks, presents EndGame™ - More Than Last Mile™ surveillance system.

EndGame™ is the Quality Management Solution for IPTV, which the company believes to be the first truly End-To-End IPTV Quality of Service monitoring solution. EndGame™ provides IPTV Content Aggregators and IPTV Operators with a suite of tools spanning the entire content delivery chain, allowing operators to track Quality of Service problems from a single customer, back through the network right to the headend. Brilliant graphical consolidation of information from multiple nodes within the network enables IPTV operators to find, isolate and troubleshoot quality-related issues the fastest way possible.

Danny Wilson, Pixelmetrix President & CEO, related, “Linking together telemetry from our market leading RF, SDI and IP headend monitoring platform, DVStation-IP³™ network probe with end-user reports from the DVAgent™, EndGame™ Dashboard, at last, gives operators a complete and truly end-to-end quality management solution.”

“Today’s IPTV operators struggle to validate the Quality of Experience at their subscribers’ end, and worse, have no real way to isolate where in the delivery chain the root for service quality issues lies. Pixelmetrix EndGame™ provides key performance indexes and also aggregates the information into useful customer- and service-centric intelligence,” said Aleksandar Milosevic, Pixelmetrix Product Manager for EndGame™.

Thanks to the DVStation-IP³™ On-Air Content Validation (OCV), the right and expected content is on the pipe, can be assured. The automatic On-Air Content Validation (OCV) is a unique function of the Pixelmetrix DVStation™ that validates the service structure of all services on each MPTS under test in real-time versus an expected ‘golden’ state.

The expected ‘golden’ state can now be automatically configured into the DVStation-IP³™ through the OCV Snapshot feature that stores the service structure (components and descriptors of services on a MPTS/SPTS) during a 'golden' state of the transmission. The OCV then checks for differences between a current structure and the reference structure, and triggers alarms upon detection of discrepancies.

At Booth 1.339A, Pixelmetrix will showcase its new Electronic Couch Potato™ (ECP) and Consolidator™, the EndGame™, DVShift-S21, Video Validator™, DVStor-Flashback and DVStor-DAS (Direct-Attached-Storage), DVStation-IP³™, DVStation-Mini™, DVStorIP-Gen™, DVB-H and DVB-S2.

Pixelmetrix develops a host of IPTV and Preventive Monitoring systems that offer unique attributes and versatility, allowing operators to achieve end-to-end visibility and keep tabs on their network architecture.

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Pixelmetrix Corporation is the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital television and IPTV networks. The company provides equipment and network intelligence systems to television broadcasters for the management and monitoring of quality of service and quality of experience. Headquartered in Singapore, Pixelmetrix has offices in the United States and Europe.

Pixelmetrix clientele include CNN/Turner Networks, Viacom, Fox, CBS, ESPN, Disney, Univision, Telefutura, USDTV, HBO, NHK, Japan Telecom, KPBS, NTL, Sky PerfecTV! Japan, British Telecom, Canal+ and Télédiffusion de France.

Pixelmetrix has been conferred the Peter Wayne Award for Best Design and Innovation IBC 2000, the STAR 2000 and 2004 Superior Technology Awards from TV Technology Magazine, Cable-Satellite/Mediacast Product of the Year Awards 2003 and 2004, Broadcast Engineering publication Pick Hit Award 2005 as well as the BIRTV Product of the Year Award 2006.

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