September 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
TAMPA – September 10, 2007 – Around the country, thousands of seniors are applying for enrollment into their favorite college. However, despite high GPAs that can be above 4.0, many will be denied as a result of the universities capping freshman enrollment.

While there are several factors that may result in a denied application, the bottom line is that good grades and high GPAs in high school are not enough anymore to gain easy entry into a state university. With so many competing for fewer spots, the SAT college exam has taken on greater importance.

“A high SAT score can help a candidate rise above the competition in the minds of the university,” states Rob Hinchcliffe, vice president, Studyworks, a national SAT college prep company who provides onsite, individual and online teaching services. “A student with a high B average and a high SAT score can pass those with an A average an average SAT.

“Simply put, in today’s selection process, every point scored above the norm helps a student stand out from the pack.”

While students have worked hard to get good grades, it is equally important for them to devote the same energy towards their SAT exam. SAT prep, according to Hinchcliffe, is vital because it teaches what the SAT is all about, how to think logically through it and how to escape the traps that every test contains. As a result, gaining an additional 200 or 300 points on the SAT is realistic.

Additionally, prep courses help seniors handle the pressure of taking the exam, which can help produce better scores.

“With all that is happening in the university system, the last thing a student needs is more pressure when taking the SAT. Through the prep course program, this pressure can be somewhat averted since the curriculum provides test like conditions, problems and grading.”

While the importance of the SAT has possibly never mean greater, Hinchcliffe reminds parents and seniors that once a SAT is taken, the score is a permanent number on the student’s record. Even if a second or third SAT is taken to improve the score, admission officers can see all the scores and can base their decision on all the scores, not just the highest.

While scoring well on the SAT can provide access into a university, it also can provide financial advantages to the family.

“Over the years, we’ve seen students gain an additional 200 or 300 points on their test that triggered scholarship offers or turned partial ones into full rides. Obviously, a good SAT score provides long-term benefits for the students and immediate financial benefits for the family.”

The next SAT exam is scheduled for October 7th.

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