Playing World of Warcraft can pay for College

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sao Paolo, Brazil, September 12, 2007 Killer Guides Ltda sets a new milestone in pro-gaming by releasing a reference for the popular online game World of Warcraft. Allowing players of the 8-million subscriber game to make a living of their nightly activities the Killer Guides World of Warcraft gold guide sets a new standard. Available at, it enables players to make 200 gold per hour the equivalent of nearly $20.

Turning the virtual currency market into an opportunity for young gamers is something Killer Guides aims to achieve with their World of Warcraft Gold Guide. The factual sounding World of Warcraft Gold Guide is an unofficial reference that basically shows players of the popular online game rewarding strategies to increase their virtual income. According to, 100 gold pieces, the virtual currency in the well known World of Warcraft, fetches a seller easily $10.

While there are already several international companies serving the virtual currency market, Killer Guides still sees a mostly untapped market for part-time pro-gamers. "A majority of players spend more than 20 hours on World of Warcraft", explains Lucio Pereira, Director of Marketing at Killer Guides Ltda. "Applying the right strategies would turn their $15 per month subscription into an asset that fetches them up to $800 every month", he continues.

Since the inception of Arena battle, World of Warcraft has gained a significant hold on the pro-gamer market. Competitions, tournaments and the sponsoring of successful player thus made a first appearance in the secluded online role-playing market. Unlike the operations of Second Life or Project Entropia, the companies behind World of Warcraft do not encourage turning gaming activities into profit opportunities.

Killer Guides Ltda operates an online shop for unofficial strategy guides to online role-playing games at The company currently provides more than 70 strategy guides for 14 different games. The company is not sponsored, controlled or affiliated with any game publisher or developer. Since it's inception in February 2006, the company managed to cover 80% of the major US and European online role-playing games.
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