The first web portal for Software available to Indian market

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
iPOTT is a web based information centre for all softwares developed
across the world available to the Indian market. The user friendly website
enables 'easy & quick' information access. Big softwares to small solutions
are listed. The categorization and grouping will make easy the 'Search' and
a buyer's life……

PROMOTERS’ or sellers of softwares will list (display) their softwares on the
web. The promoter can list niceties about their software, can display screen
shots, can upload brochures and propagate their popularity & clientele.
Promoters will get instantaneous information, through mail, when a Prospective
‘buyer’ looks into his product. The ‘intention to buy’ is known to the Promoter.
A ‘buyer’ who intends to procure software will browse through the web and get
the information on his requirement. The ‘buyer’ can look into various options, can
get screenshots, can download brochures & issue RFIs - totally free of cost. The
‘buyers’ can feel the freedom to explore multiple options at ease.

In simple terms the launch of iPOTT will bring in a process change to
software procurement. A pragmatic shift from the current process……

Current Scenario
From the point of view of software developers, resellers etc., softwares are
available, in fact available in plenty, available for any process or activity. There
are ‘n’ number of developers, ‘n’ number of people selling it, and of course many
buying it. It is an undisputable fact – we have moved into an IT DOES MATTER

Let’s view it from the user end. How does one go about buying software? How
does one big company buy small time software or how does one small company
buy a big software. Referred by someone? Advertised? Marketed, wow nice
literature! Fits budget!! Some reasons to buy. Do we have statistics as to how
may fall into the ‘HAPPY CUSTOMER’ category and how many softwares are in
the “lived happily ever after” list. Has the buyer any time enjoyed the freedom of
looking at 2-3 options and then making a selection. Does the buyer know that
there is a similar, better product of the same kind, available? We are in a vertical
proprietary scenario.
With the country moving into an IT does matter world and with more and more
companies getting into digitization the need to disclose the software market is
undisputable. We know that there is a great demand for IT products (software)
and each vendor has created his own boundaries and is competing well in the
existing market space. Unfortunately this strategy is confined to an existing
boundary or existing industry. Growth is achieved by keeping track of the
competitor and keeping abreast of the newer entrants into the field.

The Future with iPOTT
Our plan is to develop an open market space wherein competition becomes
irrelevant. We would like to change the above to a horizontal module. The
customer decides and makes his pick.