EasyLicenser License Manager Version 2.5: Usability Enhancements And New Licensing Capabilities

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Agilis Software today released version 2.5 of their widely-used EasyLicenser License Manager, adding extended runtime API's that provide new licensing capabilities, usability and productivity improvements, security features, and platform upgrades.

EasyLicenser 2.5 now supports deferred-mode licensing. Deferred time-limited licenses allow software vendors to enforce a time limit, such as 30 days for a trial license or one year for a subscription license, from the date the key is installed by the user, rather than the date of key generation. For example, EasyLicenser users can now provide a single trial license package that enforces the same time limit for all users who install the application, whether from download or disk, without any communication required between the ISV and the evaluators.

Deferred node-locking, also supported in EasyLicenser 2.5, eliminates the problem of accurately obtaining system information when generating node-locked licenses. The EasyLicenser runtime library automatically locks the license to the chosen host system when the key is first loaded, so no information need be supplied beforehand by the user, eliminating the end-user burden and opportunity for error this otherwise adds to the fulfillment process.

Many vendors issue new keys to existing customers, whether to convert a trial user to a production license, extend a subscription license, or add new features to an existing license. EasyLicenser's new key cloning capability streamlines this process by allowing the vendor to use a previously-issued key as the starting point for the new key, so only the changes need to be specified.

EasyLicenser 2.5 also brings support for the Sun Solaris/Intel platform for protecting applications written in C/C++, key-chaining capability for users of Agilis's Orion Network Licensing Platform and a functionally complete set of command-line scripts to allow system administrators to automate their license management. Also available separately are an EasyLicenser HTTP Server that allows software vendors to build an automated, networked key-generation facility, and a high level ActiveX API that enables a one-line-of-code integration for Windows .NET and Visual Basic programming environments.


Agilis Software LLC is a private California company that specializes in providing electronic license management solutions for the Internet era.


EasyLicenser is a standalone license management solution that offers single-user desktop, server and embedded licensing, comprehensive licensing policies including time-limited, metered or feature licensing, and extensible node-locking.

EasyLicenser provides protection for Java applications, C/C++ applications on Windows, Linux and Solaris, ActiveX support for Visual Basic, VB.Net and C# on Windows, and can protect any programming language capable of calling out to C (e.g. Delphi, Fortran) or Java.

For details or a free evaluation download please visit the Agilis website at www.agilis-sw.com.

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