Automation Alley International Business Center Introduces New Council Member

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
AQABA Technologies President, Ramsey Sweis says “I am honored” to hold seat on Automation Alley’s International Business Center (IBC) Advisory Council.

“At this point and time in my career” states Sweis, “I feel I have a place where I can best serve those who are in need of some assistance getting the appropriate advice and support to help boost Michigan’s economy. The state of our economy has been automotive dependant for many years and we are still feeling the ripple effect for decades now. Michigan has many other intellectual talents to offer besides automotive, we just need to let everyone know about it. Automation Alley has proven to be a catalyst for AQABA Technologies in more ways other than monetarily. I have made some great alliances, learned to focus on new business outside the boundaries of Michigan and the country for that matter. My background is International business but I needed a vehicle to help me support my goal of being non-Michigan dependant for new business which Automation Alley has helped us accomplish.”

The IBC’s mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of small and mid-sized enterprises interested in expanding their markets overseas. In addition, it promotes Michigan as a high-tech powerhouse and global center for innovation to companies around the world that are interested in tapping into research and development expertise, especially in areas of advanced manufacturing, automotive alternative energy, biotechnology/life sciences, IT, medical devices, and nanotechnology.

About the IBC: The IBC is a member driven Advisory Council that represents a cross section of industry experts well-versed in identifying international business trends and meeting the challenges of globalization. Members offer their firsthand knowledge and insights about how companies can successfully overcome the common hurdles they may face implementing their global market strategies. This includes developing seminars that identify promising new markets for Michigan- made products, services, and technologies in high demand overseas. The IBC also focuses on public policy matters designed to encourage investment into our region.

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