AnchorMAN Wireless Intercom System, Anchor Audio's Latest Breakthrough for Group Communication

September 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
For any group needing to communicate — from coaches and theater directors to factory workers and racecar pit crews — the new AnchorMAN wireless intercom system by Anchor Audio, the leader in portable wireless intercom, offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of use at about one-third the price of traditional wireless intercom systems with base stations.

Designed for portability, the AnchorMAN (MAN stands for Mobile Audio Network) requires no base station, as its belt packs talk directly to one another, and the system is expandable by buying additional belt packs. Switching communication from group to group is easy with the wireless intercom system. AnchorMAN allows switching between up to four user groups at the push of a button on a belt pack. For example, a head coach can assign offense to group A, defense to group B, and special teams to group C. The head coach can be a part of any group by simply pushing his group selector button to the desired group.

With ergonomically designed belt packs and noise canceling headsets, the patent pending technology of AnchorMAN enables up to four people to speak at once in close quarters, one person to speak at a time when the belt packs are far apart, and an unlimited number of people to listen to each user group. As soon as any member quits speaking, another one can jump in. The wireless intercom system allows real time discussion with simultaneous two-way duplex communication for four users within 250’ of one another. For long-range operation, AnchorMAN belt packs automatically adjust for continuous reception, reverting to talk-one-way-at-a-time simplex mode for communication at distances up to 2500’.

For hands free convenience, the wireless intercom system offers voice-activated mode. Because the microphone setting adjusts voice detection sensitivity, it can pick up your voice even at a whisper in quiet environments with little background noise. Alternately, the belt packs will power up in a battery-saving push to talk (PTT) mode. Cutting edge VOX technology further conserves battery life, so the portable wireless intercom can operate up to 7 hours in receive only mode.

The ergonomically designed belt pack includes 4 “AA” rechargeable batteries, a headset jack, heavy-duty antenna, headset volume control, microphone sensitivity control, group selection, PTT (push to talk) and transmission indicator light. A four-user package includes four belt packs and headsets with a group charger in a lightweight travel case with custom protective foam.

Made in the USA, the AnchorMAN wireless intercom system by Anchor Audio has a 2-year warranty, the industry's longest of its type. Anchor Audio is the leading manufacturer of easy-to-use, high quality, wireless intercom systems. Anchor has specialized in portable audio for almost 30 years and has developed a range of sound systems to meet virtually any venue need.

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