Solutions4ebiz Offers New Life for “Orphaned” Software Applications

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Indianapolis-area Web and software development company Solutions4ebiz announced that it has a solution for the problem companies face of what to do with old, outdated software applications.

The company refers to these applications as “orphaned software” — legacy software programs in need of maintenance, or that the original software developer(s) or vendor(s) no longer support. Solutions4ebiz helps companies resurrect these software applications, put them to good use and support them long-term.

“We can be the transition agents for older technology,” said Jack Wilson, president of Solutions4ebiz. “Companies should not feel as if they are stuck with outdated applications, because they have many options for protecting their initial software investments.”

Some of the ways Solutions4ebiz can revitalize a company’s orphaned software applications include:

• Maintaining: removing bugs/errors to keep an existing application working properly
• Enhancing: creating additional features to improve an existing application
• Web-enabling: modifying an existing application for use online
• Securing: adding secure logins for vendors or customers or adding other security features to an existing application
• Migrating: adapting existing software into a new interface or transitioning into a new platform or development environment
• Integrating: ensuring that the software runs efficiently with other applications
• Re-designing: building a new software application based on the concept of an old application

Companies looking to revive their orphaned software applications can contact Solutions4ebiz for a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation of their current application.

About Solutions4ebiz:
Solutions4ebiz is a Fishers Indiana technology solutions provider specializing in website design and development, custom software development and managed hosting services. The company is also the exclusive Midwest distributor of Linux routers and related products from ImageStream Internet Solutions. For more information about Solutions4ebiz, call (317) 915-1625, email or visit

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