New product for children, just released. Kids chewable enzymes!

September 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Ultra-Enzyme Support® Children’s Chewable, created to nurture your child’s digestive health and optimize nutrition from food. Natural Wellness Centers of America Inc.’s products are a consumer need driven collection of superior digestive enzyme products. It is the culmination of over seven decades of extensive research in the field of digestion and digestive enzymes.

“Out of the mouth of babes” We are all familiar with that phrase, but we should be equally aware of what goes into those youthful mouths. Modern day lifestyles and eating habits are contributing to a startling decline in the quality of nutrition our children absorb. A growing number of children are faced with health issues as a result of questionable nutrition from fast food dining and unsupervised snacking. Issues ranging from an alarming increase in childhood obesity, diabetes, behavioral problems, and immune system anomalies to gastrointestinal health problems have all stemmed from this lifestyle. These issues, if not addressed, can lead to health problems for your child that will follow them throughout their lives.

Ultra-Enzyme Support® Children’s Chewable was developed after scientific research produced conclusively the digestive benefits of vegetarian enzymes. The ingredients used in the formulation include various protease enzymes to digest proteins, amylases for carbohydrates, and lipases for fats. The computer controlled model of the human digestive system, unique to the research organization TNO of the Netherlands, measured the ability of these enzymes to successfully assist in the digestive process in both the acid environment of the stomach as well as the slightly alkaline small intestine. The study showed that supplementing with digestive enzymes can substantially increase the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. The formulation used is based upon this study and is specially designed for their diet.

To combat dairy intolerance, Ultra-Enzyme Support® Children’s Chewable also contains lactase enzymes to assist in digestion of lactose found in dairy products. As many as 50 million Americans are considered to be lactose intolerant. These numbers also include kids which can be especially alarming since their growing bodies need calcium. The main source of calcium for most children is milk and other dairy products. Low levels of the enzyme lactase, which digests the milk sugar known as lactose, may result in gas, bloating, cramping and diarrhea. Many children regularly suffer from these gastrointestinal symptoms. Supplementing lactase enzymes to the diet can help alleviate these symptoms when lactose containing dairy products is consumed.

With the busy lifestyles of today, little time is available for proper exercise and nutritional sit-down home cooked meals. Parents want to be sure their children are getting all the nutrients they require for proper growth and development but circumstances make this is an increasingly difficult task. Many parents are providing the vitamin supplements but most are unaware of the benefits of supplemental enzymes. Enzymes with each meal must be a core program and will increase the bioaccessability of the nutrients in all the food they consume. Better digestion leads to better assimilation of nutrients and helps avoid dietary deficiencies of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and their metabolites. We hear all the time “my child has a sensitive stomach and does not eat well” Ultra-Enzyme Support® Children’s Chewable is the natural solution.