New blog launches for people, beginners and experts alike, who love to sail and all that comes with it.

September 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Everett, WA Ė 15 September 2007 - LDC has launched a new blog on sailing in recognition of the large US sailboat market. Sailors need a forum where they can discuss sailing issues that are important to them and possibly build friendships along the way. Although the web has its fair share of blogs dedicated to sailing, this blog aims to be related to sailing from the point of view of both beginnerís and expertís alike, and more generally, to travel and leisure.
Finding specific topics on sailing, such as advice on sailing to certain ports, can often be hard to locate on the internet. Though there may be a wide array of sites dedicated to visiting a port in one form or another, not a lot are set up to discuss sailing to a certain location. As stated by Erik Lindberg whose goal is to sail to Hawaii, ďI was on the internet trying to find information on sailing to Hawaii. To my surprise, all I could find I believe were two sites that matched what I was looking for and on top of that I really did not find them interesting.Ē It could logically appear, based on the above statement, the more exotic the location the more difficult it will be to find information on sailing to that port. The new blog created by LDC hopes to attract the comments and recommendations of sailorís who have sailed to a wide array of ports. In another interview with Maria Vazquez who plans in the near future to travel to the Mediterranean, she states ďyesÖthere are a lot of sailing sites and blogs about the Mediterranean but I would like a site or a blog that I can go to that is not too location specific or bent on selling me a vacation package. Reading honest opinions from people who have been there is something I look forÖĒ Another aim of the blog is to attract userís who have chartered sail boats in regions all of the world and for them to leave their opinions and/or recommendations on what they did or did not like about the region. Sailing to ports or vacationing in ports via charter are just two of the many topics that userís of the blog can discuss. As the blog grows, so too should the breadth and depth of the topics that are discussed.
All sail boat enthusiasts should visit and leave their posts on sailing at the new sailing blog located at Whether a post is about sailing to a port, gear essentials, vacation chartering, or any other sailing related topic, the main aim is to promote both friendship and discussion.
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