Sony unveils industry first at GITEX, enabling videoconferencing with simultaneous security video monitoring

September 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
September 2007; GITEX Dubai, UAE: Sony today announced the launch of pioneering technology that enables videoconferencing at the same time as security video monitoring, which will have far reaching impact across multiple business, industry, medicine, education, environmental and social settings.

Unveiled for the first time at the GITEX technology week in Dubai, the integration of Sony’s IPELA™ videoconferencing with its IP video monitoring (IPM) suites is achieved by simply ‘calling’ an IP camera from within its videoconference environment.

“The applications are limited only by one’s imagination and will have a strong impact in the construction industry, oil and gas sector and traffic monitoring,” said Kees Hoogstraate, European Marketing Manager, Videoconferencing, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

“Imagine worldwide manufacturing and engineering design teams meeting via videoconference to discuss the production of a product while simultaneously connected to a live IP camera showing the assembly line. Another example is estate agents, who could offer unique services to clients relocating overseas. An IP camera installed at the proposed property together with a videoconference, possibly involving architects, interior designers or tradesmen, would make a long-haul journey to the site redundant and save time, money and reduce carbon emissions,” said Hoogstraate.

He said videoconferencing has moved beyond conventional business meetings and keen interest was now coming from emergency services and regional environmental agencies which can see the potential of utilising videoconferencing with simultaneous video monitoring. “Intelligence and speed of response are characteristics vital to the emergency services. In times of humanitarian and natural disasters, a multi-agency approach is often necessary and the advanced IPELA technology could provide emergency response units working together through a videoconference with vital details and information on how best to approach a given situation,” said Hoogstraate.

Existing users of the latest generation of Sony videoconferencing equipment and IP monitoring cameras will be able to take advantage of this unique integration feature simply by installing a free of charge software upgrade.

Hoogstraate said Sony is the only company that can provide this capability as it is the only manufacturer who is pioneering technological innovations in both the videoconferencing and security video monitoring industries.

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