XStream Safety Thanks to Digi International’s MaxStream

September 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SafeHoist, Inc. is using Digi International MaxStream 2.4 GHz XStream radios embedded in its proprietary Hoist Monitoring Systems to provide critical safety information to hoist and elevator operators in underground mines. The wireless link using 2.4 GHz radios eliminates the need to install costly leaky feeder cable or hardwired connections to the surface. The data is used to warn the operator if operating limits, MSHA or OSHA safety regulations are being exceeded during hoisting of miners and materials. MaxStream technology was chosen for its ability to withstand extremely harsh environments including falling water, rock particles, dust, mud, and others. SafeHoist has tested several radios from different manufacturers but the MaxStream XStream performs the best.

The data path up the mine shaft to the surface contains numerous encroachments on the line-of-sight, and significant attenuation, multipathing, etc. on the shaft rock walls. SafeHoist has been able to successfully transmit data using the 2.4GHz 9600 baud radios, w/o using repeaters, at distances exceeding 6000 ft. This was a significant advance for SafeHoist and enabled it to solve safety and efficiency problems for which customers were previously unable to find a solution.

SafeHoistís customers use the data to detect and analyse hoisting vibrations and wire rope safety factors. The real time wireless link enables customers to initiate preventative action to prevent damage to the hoisting infrastructure caused by rope oscillation and vibrations, which result in significant maintenance costs. The reliability and superior range of the MaxStream wireless data link is crucial because if the hoist exceeds the limits, severe injury or death can occur.

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