New Survey Suggests Adsense Incomes a Pipe-Dream for Most Webmasters

September 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Vancouver, Canada - Sep 14 2007: A new survey would seem to indicate that Google's Adsense Publisher program is a bust for most webmasters.

The survey, by, was conducted by searching on Google, MSN Search and Yahoo Search for forum, newsgroup or blog comments on Adsense earnings. More than 90% of those commenting lamented their weak or virtually non-existent Adsense revenues.

"Given the incredible volume of poor or just plain wrong information, this came as no real surprise to us" said successful Adsense Publisher Bert TerHart. "There's a huge demand for information on how to maximize Adsense on every kind of web property. Unfortunately, this demand has created a confusing and night-marish landscape for anyone seeking information on how to do this properly."

TerHart says there are 3 main reasons why webmasters fail to maximize their Adsense revenues:
1. Failing to generate sufficient targeted traffic;
2. Failing to properly theme, or focus, their site content; and
3. Failing to understand the real needs and wants of their website visitors.

Anyone looking to improve their Adsense bottom-line would do well to focus on those things that drive all successful businesses. Market research, testing and tracking, and properly partnering with Google are all necessary for Adsense success according to Terhart.

More information and help on how to create a stable and long-term residual income with Adsense can be found at:

Bert Terhart is a successful Adsense publisher and owner of numerous online and offline businesses.

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