Asset LifeCycle Receives Permit to Operate an E-Waste Recycling/Reclamation Facility in Kansas

September 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
TOPEKA, KS – September 14th, 2007 – Asset LifeCycle has obtained the required permit approval from the State of Kansas Bureau of Waste Management Division to operate an e-waste recycling and reclamation facility in Kansas. This required permit allows Asset LifeCycle to operate in the recycling and reclamation industry within the state of Kansas as the only permitted facility. Asset LifeCycle is in the midst of the process with equipment purchases and construction. This is a paramount step in the right direction for the State of Kansas and the Midwest as the first and only permitted mechanical e-waste recycling and reclamation facility in the State. This will allow for a processing capacity on average of 480,000 pounds of equipment in an average 40 hour work week and will significantly reduce the vast amounts of materials being sent to our local landfills.

Electronic Waste ["e-waste"]
Any product consisting of any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic appliance. E-waste is a major point of concern considering that many components of such equipment are deemed toxic and are not biodegradable.

Permits Required
All e-waste processing is now subject to permit by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), Bureau of Waste Management (BWM), according to BWM Policy 05-02 (revs’d 3-22-07). E-waste processors that carry out mechanical processes (such as dismantling, crushing, or grinding) and/or chemical processes will be required to obtain solid waste processing facility permits.

Automated e-waste Processing Plant
A grant received in March from the Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Waste Management will help finance the first and only Automated Processing Plant. The plant is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2007.