Red Palm Oil: The Answer to Healthy Living in America Today

July 31, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
BUFFALO, NY, — Safari Group Inc. has emerged as the leading wholesaler and retailer of Red Palm Oil; a dietary additive with amazing health benefits that until now was unknown to most people in North America.

Red palm oil is the second most consumed vegetable oil across the globe and has been used for cooking in Asia and Africa for generations. This cooking oil is rich in vitamin A, beta-carotenes, vitamin E, retinol, and antioxidants: tocotrienol and tocopherol.

Booker Gompah, President of Safari Group said "We can barely keep this product in stock, everyone seems to be saying they read about or were told about the extraordinary health benefits of this product.' Research has shown that cooking with red palm oil will lower cholesterol and blood pressure; and also protect against heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and other cancers. In terms of protection from heart disease and arteriosclerosis, it is a natural and potent alternative to aspirin which is prone to cause "leaky gut syndrome' due to continual usage. Red palm oil will also strengthen the immune system and is an excellent blood thinner for heart attack and stroke victims. Red palm oil aids in strengthening weak vision and weight loss. Additionally, red palm oil is highly recommended for the diet of tropical bird like parrots.

According to a Woman's World magazine March 9, 2004 article titled "The Miracle Oil That Can Make You Thin', preliminary studies at Michigan's Wayne State University show using red palm oil can reduce your body fat by 27%, plus help boost your ability to use sugar controlled insulin; two keys to keeping weight under control and delaying or even preventing the onset of diabetes. In fact, UCLA doctors say making this single switch could cut your diabetes risk by 58%.'

New data shows that people who substitute just 5% of the fat in their diets with red palm oil lower their total cholesterol by 9% and artery clogging LDL cholesterol by 11% - sufficient to slash their risk of heart disease a full 20%.

One tablespoon each day of red palm oil contains 10,000 IU of immunity boosting vitamin A - enough to slash a woman's risk of colds and flu by 67%. According to Harvard research, people who enjoy vitamin A-rich diets also enjoy a 70% lower risk of all types of cancer.

"Red palm oil's antioxidants slow the cellular aging that often leads to cancerous changes' explains Los Angeles physiologist Robert Kowalski, M.S., author of "The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure.'

Mr. Gompah states that the main consumers of red palm oil are: older adults with a variety of health issues; health conscious individuals; people trying to lose weight; and bird owners.

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