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September 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Christina Clinic, an affiliate of LaserHairRemoval.Com, is celebrating their 26th anniversary this year! Residents in the Roseville and greater Minneapolis area can celebrate the savings by taking advantage of 20% off your first Laser Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation treatment. For more information about this celebratory event, visit LaserHairRemoval.Com!

Laser hair removal has completely revolutionized the problem of unwanted hair. With our improved understanding of laser skin interactions and advances in laser technology, successful laser-assisted hair removal has become a reality. Before laser hair removal, the only long term hair removal method was electrolysis, which is permanent, but extremely slow; it can only destroy one hair follicle at a time. Laser hair removal has significantly sped up the process by treating hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously.

Lasers have been utilized by physicians in both aesthetic and medical procedures for over 10 years. As technology has progressed, lasers have been designed to customize to each individual treatment. The laser can be adjusted depending on each individualís skin type and density. This customization assures the best laser hair removal treatments possible.

During the treatment, a laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is directed over the area being treated. The pigment located in hair follicles absorbs the light emitted by the laser. The laser produces precisely controlled pulses of energy that are concentrated in the follicles under the skin. The energy pulse plus the absorption of light causes vaporization of the pigment and the disabling of the follicles in order to eliminate or significantly impede the hair's re-growth.

Because laser hair removal cannot remove all hair in one treatment; patients will need a series of treatments in order to effectively reduce unwanted hair in any given area. The average number of treatments needed ranges from 3-6 treatments, but some may need as many as 8. Not only does Christina Clinic service the Roseville area, Laser Hair Removal White Bear Lake, Laser Hair Removal Maplewood and Laser Hair Removal New Brighton patients can also take advantage of all they have to offer. Discuss your options with a certified laser technician at Christina Clinic today so that you can get the results you desire.

Thereís no better time than now to start your laser hair removal treatments! Come celebrate 26 years with Christina Clinic and take advantage of the spectacular savings! Throughout the month of September, take 20% off any Laser Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation treatment! In addition to laser hair removal, Christina Clinic seeks to provide a full range of other hair removal and skin resurfacing solutions including, electrolysis, aesthetic skin systems and eyebrow shaping. Visit LaserHairRemoval.Com today and discover if laser hair removal is right for you.

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Christina Clinic has been in the hair removal specialty area for over 20 years. We are very excited about the new technological advances being created for hair reduction and skin care. It has been satisfying to see the positive effects of new technology with the laser, electrolysis, particle-free microdermabrasion and eyebrow shaping. For additional information call 1.888.527.3714 or go online to,

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