IC’s Unrivaled Understanding of SOA Allows Business Process to Now Drive Technology

September 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
As leading companies tackle the complexity of their application and IT environments with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), they look to experienced solutions providers to build upon current and future operations.

EMS Consulting (EMS) subsidiary, Intelligent Chaos (IC) has established the gold standard practice for SOA implementation. The Tampa, Fla. – based firm focuses on providing revolutionary strategic SOA services and solutions.

SOA facilitates the development of modular business services to be easily integrated and reused—creating a truly flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure. With an SOA approach, an organization can focus more resources and budget on innovation and on delivering new business services.

“Anytime you make changes in the front end for the user, you create a new user experience. They get to see the value of the business processes built on the front end now,” said Elaine Myrback, President and CEO of EMS Consulting-Intelligent Chaos. “SOA gives you the capability of now utilizing and blending in the business process into the technology versus the technology driving the business process.”

IC effectively taps SOA’s tremendous potential to transform the business process. Simplifying it on the inside while differentiating the outside. This is where it matters most - for clients and users. Recently prestigious Northwestern University called upon Intelligent Chaos to be its exclusive provider for SOA solutions.

“The most important facet is that the business process and end user are not as dependent on IT anymore. The users are able to mix and match and direct what they want,” noted Myrback. “We know how to build and enhance the end user experience through SOA which is beneficial from a business process perspective to those end users in that business process. One that speaks directly to that enterprise applications versus Fusion Middleware just being a technology. EMS – IC delivers the value of them to best leverage Oracle’s Fusion.”

This unrivaled approach to enterprise application services and fusion middleware business transformation bridges the traditional implementation approach. Intelligent Chaos responds to the architectural needs and applications of many industries including higher education, healthcare, finance, government and the public sector.

“We are closely tied to the enterprise and know SOA from the enterprise standpoint. In our organization we have two entities. One is the EMS Consulting practice, which is the traditional implementation of those enterprise applications. We know how to customize and how to implement,” Myrback said. “And second, IC brings the many benefits SOA to the table.”

“We take our SOA architecture group, lay that on top of the enterprise applications, and look at it differently. Let’s not do it traditionally, let’s do it transformationally,” Myrback said. “We understand the enterprise so well on the consulting side, the technology on the IC-SOA side,and meld the two together.”

IC experts and developers build, deploy, and manage SOA with best-of-breed Oracle applications and technologies. SOA is the future because of the reuse of business services, enterprise connectivity and business process management. These play to the strengths of the platform, and capitalize on value and investments made within the enterprise.

“That’s the Intelligent Chaos method and the experience we have on both sides. It’s very important and strategic to an organization as are the many benefits of SOA. The key thing we have learned is that if you don’t understand how that business process and the enterprise system interconnect with SOA architecture, than you’re still duplicating efforts and costs,” cautioned Myrback.

Some of the many benefits of SOA are lower integration costs, standardized services, and re-use capabilities, enabling disparate applications to fully integrate.

“If you do not fully understand the evolution of Fusion Middleware - where it is today and where it is headed - clients can be needlessly spending money. IC is the premier strategic partner to help lead our clients through the transformation to SOA,” explained Myrback.

EMS Consulting created Intelligent Chaos in October 2005 to assist a growing number of clients with transitioning to
the next step in their ERP evolution. For more information call (813) 287-2486 or visit www.intelligentchaos.com.