Automated Uplift Online Piloted By Business Growth Direct Using Multi Variate Testing

September 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Business Growth Direct today announced a ground-breaking pilot scheme to test and automatically improve their clients' website creative and mechanics empirically using advanced Taguchi "Design of Experiments" techniques.

Originally developed in the 1950's by Genichi Taguchi for improving the quality of industrial processes through robust statistical prediction, Taguchi methodology allows multiple variables to be tested simultaneously using a precisely selected number of "recipes". Unlike traditional A / B split testing, each unique combination of variables does not have to be tested individually. Instead, using a complex set of orthogonal analysis equations, results can be interpolated with a confidence level in excess of 95%.

This means that exceptional uplift can be achieved with the same number of test subjects as would be required for a single-variable split test. Testing becomes six or more times quicker.
As a fully fledged digital agency with its roots firmly in the ROI-demanding trenches of traditional Direct Marketing, Business Growth Direct is uniquely placed to maximise return on its clients' Pay Per Click and Organic Search investments through the use of the same technology that has been responsible throughout the second half of the 20th century for bringing the Japanese manufacturing sector to the forefront of the world market.

Jim Havers, Head of Digital at BGD, said "While some digital agencies focus exclusively on the quality of their creative, and cross their fingers when it comes to website conversion, BGD take a far more holistic view of clients' needs and offer solutions that are not just visually appealing and good for the portfolio, but which also optimise conversion to continually improve the site's return on investment and genuinely make the most of all promotion channels."

Alex Poole, Chief Technical Officer at BGD, said "I joined BGD to really learn the techniques of the DM world and apply them to the web. Many digital customers spend tens of thousands of pounds on a site, then throw tens of thousands of pounds-worth of clicks at it every month, without the slightest idea of what factors affect their conversion rate. The only people who benefit from these grave inefficiencies are the big companies selling the advertising inventory. With the automation potential of the web and the massive number-crunching capabilities of modern computer equipment, there is absolutely no excuse for not achieving progressive and ongoing uplift in every aspect of conversion."

Martin Beard, Creative Director at BGD, said "I have 25 years experience of testing in Direct Marketing. Applying these techniques online is a natural progression; the Internet is the ultimate Direct Marketing tool. Too many companies focus on execution not on benefits. This fundamentally differentiates BGD."

Charles Darley, Managing Director at BGD, said "I'm delighted that we can now offer our clients a combination of the best talents from DM and Digital, along with cutting edge software and processes which enable us to automate our disciplined ROI-driven approach on the web."

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