Free ITIL V3 Design Guidelines for Service Operation and Service Transition

September 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Two leading proponents of the value of ITIL and IT Service Management (ITSM) have made available for free download the first two (of five) guides covering all of the new ITIL V3 Service Lifecycle books. This first guide will cover design guidelines for ITIL V3 Service Operation. IT professionals interested in receiving this complementary download can click on the following link to access it:

ITIL V3 Service Operation Design Guidelines was assembled by Randy Steinberg, and Robin Yearsley, principals in ITSM with over 25 years of practical ITSM consulting experience.

The ITIL V3 Service Operation guide is 55 pages and contains example guidelines taken from real world experiences. It should prove extremely valuable to any IT Service Manager or ITIL practitioner planning, implementing or enhancing their ITIL processes. (See a list FAQ’s about the guide below).

Randy Steinberg has written three ITSM books, the most recent being Servicing ITIL, which was written with the benefit of the recently released ITIL V3.

Robin Yearsley has created a number of valuable ITIL websites, including the IT Service Blog and IT Service Podcasts and now regularly collaborates with over 7,000 global ITSM professionals proving advice, guidance and exam support.

Steinberg and Yearsley are dedicated to putting ITIL theory into practice in real world business scenarios. They will soon be launching a brand new membership site that will be quite unique. This will provide actual tools, templates, ‘how to guides’ and even presentations that IT professionals around the world can use immediately to implement or enhance their ITIL best practices.

Everyone downloading the Service Operation guide will receive a special introductory offer to become a charter member of this exciting new ITIL initiative.

The remaining three guides, covering ITIL V3 Service Strategy, Service Design and Continual Service Improvement will also be made available in the coming weeks.

FAQ’s about Service Operation – Design Guidelines:

When would an ITSM professional actually use these guidelines?

An early activity in any IT Service Management implementation effort involves identifying key guidelines for how ITSM solutions will operate. Guidelines are broad statements of design direction that will guide key design decisions. For example, should Event Management activities all be centralized or decentralized?

Without a set of guidelines, designers may implement ITIL solutions in varying ways. It will be unclear why a solution was designed one way versus another. They force ITSM professionals to consider the implications that their design decisions will have on their own IT and business organization. They also provide a rationale for key design decisions so there will be no questions later on in the implementation effort as to why a solution was built one way versus another.

ITIL V3 Design guidelines can also serve to answer questions an ITSM professional may have such as, "What needs to be considered when designing a Change Management solution?”

These guidelines are not meant to cover every possibility, but should give ITSM professionals a starting point for identifying the key factors they have to consider when building their ITIL Version 3 solutions.

How would ITSM professionals actually use the ITIL V3 Guidelines?

These would be used as a first step in designing their ITIL Version 3 solutions. They can add, change or ‘not use’ these guidelines as required. They also provide a starting point for considerations for their own designs.

What value and benefits should the guides help realise?

They provide a starting point for considerations for their own designs. They may also identify considerations that they may not have previously thought about. They provide early warning as to impact of decisions on the IT and business organization. They also prevent questions later on in the implementation effort as to why certain design directions were taken.

To get started with ITIL V3 Service Operation – download the free report: