September 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fontana, CA – – Online businesses-for-sale listing marketplace Acquireo announced today they have added tag-based search as a new way for buyers to find businesses for sale and sellers to improve their online listings. “Tags are keywords, and they are displayed together on a web page in a big box called a tag cloud,” explained Acquireo’s Chief Technology Officer Tim Eisenhauer. “Their font sizes vary depending on the frequency of that keyword in all business listings. Tag-based search lets you pull up narrow slivers of information that search boxes cannot. And you click rather than type. It’s more precise and faster. You can even find the most frequent keyword across all information just by scanning a tag cloud: it will be the biggest.”

They are also important marketing and advertising tools in helping business brokers and sellers, added Bill Henthorn, Acquireo’s Director of Marketing. “Tag clouds tell you the relative frequency of terms already being used, which you use to craft your business-for-sale listing copy more effectively. You always want to use the words buyers want to read, but don’t always know which ones. With tag clouds based on actual keywords used in searches, buyers tell you which ones.”

Acquireo’s purpose with tags is not to add more bells and whistles. “There is a rapidly growing number of business buyers who want newer ways to find these businesses, as part of the greater trend of people demanding that their information be customized to their own style," stated Joe Podian, the Company’s CEO. In April 2006, we added dynamically-generated RSS feeds to cover every possible search combination. Adding tag-based search continues our commitment to deliver new technology that makes this online marketplace more powerful and effective.

Tim Eisenhauer added, “As a business that delivers content in the form of new listings of businesses for sale, Acquireo feels it has a responsibility to go beyond the search box, and always to seek out and implement ways that deliver content when, where, and how people want it.”

The nature of marketplaces, and how to connect seller with buyer, is always in flux. “So we will continue to add technologies earlier than other industry participants,” stated Henthorn.

“And we have much more to add,” hinted Podian.

To view these new tag clouds, visit Acquireo.

About Acquireo:
Acquireo is the internet's premier online listing marketplace for buying and selling established businesses, delivering a technologically advanced, stunningly attractive, and easy to use website to unite buyers and sellers. The website features listed businesses, a nationwide business broker directory, resources for buyers and sellers, and listing programs for business brokers and private sellers. As of September 2007, Acquireo had 8500 businesses for sale listed. The website was launched in April 2004, and the Company is a subsidiary of Listopica.

About Listopica:
Listopica is an interactive commerce parent company intent upon making people’s business and personal lives easier worldwide by bringing dramatic improvement to a number of industries. The Company is creating a portfolio of global businesses in big-ticket markets, personal services, business services, news and information, and vertical search. As of August 2007, Listopica has launched 6 subsidiaries: (businesses for sale listing marketplace); (digital photo storage, sharing, and social networking); (rss news feed directory); (vertical search engine for businesses for sale); (human-edited web directory); and (surfing marketplace and community).