Personal Protective Equipment Saves Business Millions Every Year

September 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
London, UK, 15 September 2007 ( SecurePrleap ) Businessesnationwide are savings millions every year thanks to personal protective equipment, according to the results of a survey published today. The survey suggested that the shift towards health and safety-conscious employment was not only keeping businesses within the law, but also adding a tangible benefit to company coffers.

Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from the growing trend towards healthand safety in the workplace through less frequent legal challenges and fewer staff injuries, which costs businesses untold sums in sick pay every year.

Additionally, the impact on company reputation is one of the most celebratedaspects of accident prevention according to business owners, many of whom cite industrial accidents as a serious marketing issue for their brands.

David Helle of The Safety Supply Company ( said the news reflected a well-known fact for small business owners. "What this survey reveals is that business owners are waking up to the fact that investing in their employees'health and safety is the best way to ensuring a loyal, sustainable workforce. As far as we're concerned, this is a trend that we want to continue for the well being of those working within dangerous industries, and for the benefits to the employer as well."Recent health and safety legislation has forced employers to act on dangerous situations within the workplace, leading to a rise in the safety-conscious ethic that prevents accidents at work.

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