The Statistics Are In, Web Design Firm Helps Episcopal Diocese of WNC Cut Postage and Printing Budget

September 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
In June of 2007 Jaymunda Web Design in Asheville, NC launched the newly redesigned Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina web site, In two months the web site statistics have already proven the site’s potential for high performance. “Our web site traffic has tripled since the launch,” says Alice Keenan, receptionist and web editor, “and the site will cut the cost of yearly postage for us by an estimated 40%. A great example of this is the Dioscean Journal. Previously we have printed and mailed 450 journals, now this is posted online and we only print and mail about 40 journals.” “Our office manages over 60 churches,” Keenan continues, “mailings we used to send once or twice a week are now posted online as well.”

According to web statistics provided by Jaymunda has gone from 122,997 hits during June, 2007 to 138,077 hits in August, 2007. The number of unique visitors has increased from 1,799 in June, 2007 to 2,888 in August, 2007. Between June and August the site’s unique visitors increased by 1,089 and the number of hits by 15,080.

The Diocese of Western North Carolina web site has many interactive features, including areas for church members and clergy. “One of the most popular features is the interactive calendar, “says Keenan, “Visitors can find event information, registration forms, and directions. Paypal is available for payment of event fees.” “We have been able to post a lot of previously printed information on the web site, which makes it accessible to everyone and saves time and money,” she continues.

Jason Syzdek, president of Jaymunda Web Design, worked with his technical and marketing team to develop the site. “Our goal is to introduce online automation tools and features to organizations through web technology. This introduction is guaranteed to save them precious time and money,” states Syzdek. “After all, humans weren’t born to do data entry. We want to help organizations keep up with the changing times and leave the monotony to the computer” he continues, ”Technology can assist with time management, cost effectiveness, customer communications and marketing.”

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