Kesca Body Candles announces upcoming international product launchings

September 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
West Palm Beach, FL, – Kesca Body, formerly Salon Source 2000, is excited to announce their successful launching of their Body Candle line in Canada and the upcoming launching in Australia, New Zealand, Panama & 9 other regions. Kesca Body has seen extraordinary interest and success throughout the spa and beauty industries in the USA. As Kesca Body looked to broaden their market, they partnered with Global Health Brokerage in Canada and have experienced success within the Natural Foods Industry.

Marc and Staci Kessler, previous owners of their own spa in Pembroke Pines, FL, and distributors of the CA Botana line of skin care products to spas for over 15 years, founded Kesca Body. Kesca Body’s line of all natural body candles were created to answer the need for a healthier alternative to the typical paraffin wax candles as well as creating a product that would mesh flawlessly with their current product lines to create “The Total Body Experience”.

Kesca Body Candles were founded on the idea that Mother Nature gives us all we need to live healthy lives. Soy beans are one of Mother Nature’s bountiful resources that boast many healing benefits for the body and skin. That it why it is used as the base of their all natural body candle. Not only does the oil from the candle serve as a daily body moisturizer, it is also used as a massage oil, first aid balm, and aromatherapy treatment.

“Body Candles? What do you mean?” This is the normal reaction from most when first introduced to the candle. But to truly understand this product you must first experience it! Kesca Body Candles’ success is based on its uniqueness as a body product and its all natural ingredients. Incorporating the best Mother Nature has to offer, the candles contain soy oil, essential oils, Vitamin E, Lecithin, and cotton wicks. The soy oil is hydrogenated to maintain a solid state when at room temperature and is 100% wax free. All of Kesca Body’s aromas are derived from the essential or essence oils of the original plant they are named after, promoting the healing benefits of that particular source and providing you with a glorious feast for your senses. The candles are colored using only vegetable dyes and they are approved by the FDA and International Fragrance Association for use as a body product.

Kesca Body Candles offer the consumer a sense of peace, tranquility and health. Aromatherapy is said to lift the spirit and soothe the senses. Unfortunately, most candles on the market today use paraffin wax, wicks which may include lead or zinc, and synthetic fragrance which when burned, greatly reduce the air quality in the home! Paraffin candles contain chemicals, when burned, release the same toxins as a diesel truck running inside your home. There have been several different toxins identified as being emitted from burning paraffin wax candles; some of which are identified by the EPA as probable or possible carcinogens with, Benzene, being a known carcinogen. These toxins, when inhaled, cause symptoms including but not limited to: drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, mood changes, lethargy, blurred vision, irritation of the upper respiratory tract and eyes, and sore throat. Synthetically made fragrances emit toxins into the environment and can cause allergic reactions in addition to other health problems. Dirty soot from burning such candles also creates a mess in the home, and more importantly, in your lungs!

Consumer awareness of the dangers of burning paraffin wax candles has become more prevalent in today’s society. This has forced the candle industry to search for a healthier alternative. Kesca Body Candles are not only healthy for the environment and your health but have superb therapeutic properties when used on the skin. Unlike paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product, soy oil is a renewable resource and supports the American farmer instead of overseas oil companies.

Breathe… Kesca Body uses only the highest quality essential oils (never synthetic) on the market; you are guaranteed to have a candle drenched in aromatherapy oils which will burn longer and in the purest form.

Heal… Seal the moisture into your skin after a bath. The candles burn at only 2 degrees above the normal body temperature allowing you to pour the oil from the candle directly onto your skin to be used as a daily moisturizer, massage oil, or first aid ointment. The Vitamin E and Lecithin extracted from soybean, as well as some of the select essential oils are extremely beneficial for skin ailments such as: eczema, cracked heels, dry cuticles, sun poisoning, burns, cuts and insect bites; also relieves symptoms associated with arthritis.

Educate… Kesca Body also offers new career opportunities. You can build your own business with excellent growth potential and educate people on the health benefits of soy oil candles versus wax candles. The drive to live healthily and protect our environment when partnered with education can be powerful in the most positive way. Kesca Body is passionate about their commitment to educate on the benefits of these amazing candles.

Retailers wanting to carry these candles, as well as individual consumers may contact Staci through the website or email for more information.