Network Solutions New Mobile Website Creator Makes it Easy for Customers to Build a Web site Designed for Viewing on Cell Phones

September 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Recent studies show that 50 percent of mobile phones in the United States are able to access the Internet, a number that will certainly grow as Americans, on average, replace their mobile phones every 18 months.

As the public becomes more accustomed to accessing the Internet using mobile devices, businesses must capitalize on this growing trend by designing and launching their own mobile-enabled Web sites, as a mobile compliment to their main .com Web site. Network Solutions announced today the introduction of BuildMyMobi a mobile Web site builder that makes it easy for businesses to design and publish a Web site specifically designed to be viewed on a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or PDA.

The .mobi domain name, which launched in September 2006, is gaining popularity as a means to indicate that a Web site is mobile-friendly. More than 650,000 .mobi domain names have been registered in over 100 countries, and are being used by large corporations and small businesses alike who want to ensure that their customers can find their Web sites when they are on-the-go. BuildMyMobi ensures that Network Solutions customers are guided on how to build a mobile Web site that is both professional looking and easily accessible, and also complies with specific guidelines that to which all .mobi Web sites must conform.

"BuildMyMobi allows our small business customers to actually deliver a quality mobile Web site experience that is available when, where, and how customers want to access it," says Jeff Grosman, SVP of Product Marketing and Management with Network Solutions. "The mobile phenomenon is important to businesses because a mobile device is important to customers, it's always on, always carried, and very personal. People can access information when they want it and from wherever they are, across the street or around the globe."

Using the BuildMyMobi design wizard, customers can select from 24 design options and six languages, choose their colors, select the title, footer and header, upload logos, images and photos and pick the number and types of pages. BuildMyMobi also allows customers to log in at any time to edit, manage and publish their .mobi Web site. After the initial set up, customers can add or delete new pages, re-order and edit the design, colors, text and images on their pages, and publish their .mobi website.

To ensure the best and consistent customer experiences, the BuildMyMobi design wizard also includes an automatic report and scoring tool that ensures that the Web site adheres to the mandatory .mobi site design guidelines. This report tells how the Web site scores on a 5-point scale based on the .mobi design guidelines, as well as tells how the Web site will display on mobile devices.

Prices for BuildMyMobi - Mobile Web Site Builder are $2/month or $20 per year, and include Web hosting. For more information, please visit