MindGenies has launched its much awaited SSL Reseller Program

September 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SSLGenie Reseller Program is an enticing opportunity for you and your organization to integrate, promote and sell SSLGenie into your own product portfolio.

SSLGenie Reseller program is an excellent way for Webmasters, Web Hosting companies, Web design companies and Internet Marketing professionals to earn money. Once you are set up with your reseller account, you can start signing up customers immediately. The SSLGenie reseller program lets you set your own prices, so you can determine the profits you make. Your profit margin is up to you!

SSLGenie gives excellent pricing to its resellers - Low Assurance web server certificates starting at $14 only and High Assurance web server certificates starting at $38 only. SSLGenie has come up with the most cost effective SSL certificates available today. SSLGenie SSL Certificates come with various options such as – Wildcard Certificates for subdomains, SGC Certificates for additional security, Warranty upto $1000, 00 and a Site seal which assures the customer that the site is safe to use.

The best feature of the SSLGenie reseller program is that you do not have to invest anything in order to become a reseller. There is no setup fee and no minimum deposits. The way it works is - You need to maintain a reseller account with us which acts as a debit account. When you make a sale the corresponding base price gets deducted from your reseller fund. So you need to keep your account topped up to facilitate sales. This makes your entry point into the market very easy. You can become an SSL Provider with a very minimal investment.

As an SSLGenie Reseller, you would manage the front end aspects such as Pricing and Packaging, selling, receiving payments, and customer relationship management. SSLGenie would do the validation of the applicant and issue the certificate to him. The validation process for Flash SSLGenie (Low Assurance web server certificates) is automated. The premium SSLGenie (High Assurance web server certificates) has a four step validation process where we do a complete business identify and validity check. You would also get complete technical support for your SSLGenie customers.

The SSLGenie Reseller control panel lets resellers manage and sign up accounts quickly and easily. SSLGenie Resellers has an outstanding reputation for quality service and value. As a reseller, your customers will benefit from this stability, as well as from the 24x7 support.

You can visit http://reseller.sslgenie.com for further details.

MindGenies is also running a reseller program for domains, hosting, site builder and more…Check out http://resellers.dotcomgenie.com. The Reseller Program offers – low wholesale prices, Comprehensive Product Portfolio – Domains, Hosting, Email, Site builder etc, completely private labeled website – Your customers will never know that you are reselling our products. MindGenies also run a reseller program for LivehelpGenie – a real time site monitoring and live chat tool. Visit www.resellergenie.com for the details of the reseller program.