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September 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Catering for international travelers coming to China to attend the biggest trade fair in China, CECF£¨Chinese Export Commodities Fair£©, distinguishes itself from the conventional online booking site, by filling a hotel selection gap not currently addressed by other traveling guide sites.

Overseas buyers, who may have previously been compelled to pay the exorbitant room rates during the Canton Fair, can now access comprehensive information, and understand Pearl River Delta inside out and they can now have perfect command of Chinese language and culture which will enable them to find reasonable and cheap accommodation in and around Guangzhou.

The speculations visitors to the Canton Fair usually have is that room rate would double or even triple during Canton Fair, for a non Chinese speaking person, it is hard to find a room below US$100 per night, a 5 star hotel in a good location may even ask for over US$400 per night, due to the sudden influx of nearly half a million overseas buyers and local exhibitors to Guangzhou within this 2 weeks period.

Dedicated to help overseas buyers to bridge the information and language barrier, is set up as an online information portal for budget hotel accommodation to satisfy travelers looking for value for money.

Accommodation selection:
The portal features a complete listing of budget accommodation, ranging from 2 to 3 star hotels. Also included are, dormitory, hostels and other never before heard of accommodations, targeted to help those value conscious overseas buyers.

The site also highlights:
How to stay in sauna centers for less than US$10 per night?
How to mix with the local students in student dormitory for less than US$5 per night?
How to find 5 star hotel for less than US$100 per night?
The style of accommodation listed, ranges from hotels, room ran on family owned properties to those most interesting, innovative set up apartments, thus accommodating all types of visitors¡¯ budget and lifestyle preferences.

Tailored customer services:
Uniquely, our site presents each hotel and accommodation in English and Chinese language. Each hotel is accompanied by PDF document enable the visitors to print the address and instruction on how to get to the hotel, to help them solve the problem of Chinese character display on some computers. Visitors can easily use our printable document to overcome language differences with taxi drivers, hotel front desk staff,

We are the only hotel website, which offer free assistance in helping visitors to bridge the language barrier in booking hotels, helping visitors to deal with local hotels which do not have rich experience in dealing with foreign guests, (this means the visitors would be able to enjoy the local rate as if they are local tourist).

Why EcomeEgo?
E to us has 2 meaning, Easy and Electronic, we are dedicated to help foreign guests to access Chinese market, Chinese information as easy as if they are locals, as if they know perfect Chinese, to help them to deal with their Chinese partners.

For more information:
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