Canadian start-up celebrates its 2nd birthday with 6 million unique users and 150 million contacts

September 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Montreal-based start-up, a smart online address book capable of updating itself automatically, has announced, as it celebrates its 2nd birthday of operation, that it has reached 6 million unique users on the website, with over 150 million contacts managed in total. These are very promising results for this Canadian company that intends to revolutionize the way contact information is managed.

“After two years of operation, and virtually no marketing budget, these results are even better than what we dared imagine, and prove we are responding to a real need: facilitating the exchange and management of multiple and always changing contact information between people. We have created the first Address book 2.0”, says Sebastien Brault, president and founder of


The concept of the UNYK product is simple: the user does not need to bother with updating his contacts’ information. Each person keeps his own information updated in, and UNYK takes care of updating all address books.

As such, the user fills out his personal and professional contact information on his profile on Then, he imports all the information contained in his address books (Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.), and controls who has access to what information. Finally, when a user changes a piece of information, that information is automatically updated in all his contacts’ address books, and vice-versa. The site also assigns the user a UNYK ID, to make it easier to share information with others.

Respecting the strictest rules in terms of data confidentiality and email sending, UNYK obtained, as soon as it launched, TRUSTe and SenderScore certifications, and is very much dedicated to the security of its users’ information.

Launched in English, French, and Spanish, the obvious success of the service in these core markets encouraged the company to launch the site in three more languages in 2006: German, Italian and Portuguese. “The fact that we are available in 6 languages has given our product a real international dimension,” says Karine Vincent, Marketing director for UNYK. “We now have users in as many as 180 countries across the world”.

The UNYK team, composed of 15 people, is actually used to being successful with its web services. They are the ones behind Netclub, a Canadian dating site that was recently sold to the American leader And they do not intend to stop there. “We now want to become the online contact management and digital identity specialists,” says Taoufik El Jamali, Project management director at UNYK.


Launched in September 2005 and available in six different languages, UNYK already has 6 million users in over 180 countries. With over ten years of experience in the Web, the UNYK team has acquired substantial expertise in the virtual community and social network sector. UNYK is a privately held company, funded by venture capital. More information on the company available at:

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