Lookout Software launches industry first AJAX enabled web-based timesheet application for employee time and expense tracking with Office 2007-style Fluent™ interface

September 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
DALLAS, Texas – Lookout Software, LLC has released Office Timesheets v1.5, a web-based time and expense tracking software application designed for project and/or job driven organizations that desire accurate accounting and project/job budgeting, costing with real-time reporting and billing.

Office Timesheets is entirely written and architected using Microsoft’s award winning .NET Framework architecture. Office Timesheets offers an entirely thin-client interface via Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX, and fully supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. Thus, Office Timesheets’ client interface fully supports both Windows (Internet Explorer and Firefox) and Macintosh (Firefox) computing platforms with no loss of features… even the same easy-to-use interface is maintained across browsers and operating system platforms.

Office Timesheets’ intuitive web-based interface is designed using a Microsoft® Office® 2007-style Fluent™ design, which is a timesheets industry first. It offers premium features, such as customizable time reporting periods, approval process, comprehensive security; Microsoft Project integration; extensive report writing capabilities; and more.

According to the 2000 US Census it is estimated that there are more than 120 million workers in the United States. Of those 120 million workers, approximately 40% are classified as exempt employees that are required by companies to track their time, leave, and work and project progress for regulatory compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Further, nearly 60% of the 120 million employees are hourly workers that are required to track their time and leave for the purpose of generating accurate regular and overtime pay.

“Choosing a time tracking application that meets the needs of an entire organization presents a huge challenge as different divisions and departments have very specific requirements and unique uses for the data being collected,” said Tom Garrett, VP of Customer Services at Lookout Software, LLC. “Whether the time tracking requirements are HR-based, such as hourly employee tracking for payroll, paid time-off, family leave and sick time; or project management-driven, such as internal cost center disbursements, labor resource management, internal or external client billing, or job costing, Office Timesheets is the single solution that can be deployed across an entire organization with each department’s needs being addressed. Combined with detailed reporting capabilities, flexible customization, comprehensive expense management and a consistent and easy to maneuver employee interface, Office Timesheets offers a single solution to a complex issue.”

Office Timesheets can be customized to any organization’s needs. The interfaces that employees see can be changed per assigned security policy, guaranteeing that employees only see the features they are given access to utilize. Office Timesheets can also accommodate multiple reporting periods for companies that have employees on different reporting periods and/or pay cycles. Further, personalized notifications can be sent to employees and managers to alert them of timesheet/s statuses, which are all driven by the employee’s assigned reporting period. Thus, Office Timesheets is designed to fit the personalized needs of any organization’s policies, processes and procedures.

Office Timesheets is offered in two different versions to fit an organization’s needs: Office Timesheets On Demand (hosted by Lookout Software) and Office Timesheets (installed on your own server/s).

For more information on how Office Timesheets could fit into your organization’s time and expense tracking needs, visit the Office Timesheets website at www.officetimesheets.com for a free 30-day trial.

About Lookout Software

Lookout Software, LLC was established in the summer of 2003 by a group of software engineers, product managers, and other software professionals with the goal of providing businesses with resourceful and beneficial software solutions for everyday needs.

In addition to Office Timesheets, Lookout Software also develops OfficeCalendar, the cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks. For more information on OfficeCalendar, please visit www.officecalendar.com.

Lookout Software remains dedicated to providing the business community with easy-to-use, effective and affordable solutions to common problems. For more information about Lookout Software, please visit our company website at www.lookoutsoftware.com.

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