June 20, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Using the classic Chartres model, the lunations on the edges of the Enlightened Labyrinth are lit and the center area is also lit. The center changes colors slowly while the "lunations" flicker as if they are candles.
The labyrinth is a winding, maze like path, often resembling a spiral. Labyrinths are found in many ancient cultures, and almost always have spiritual significance. The fascination with labyrinths has been growing over the last few years. Almost every major city in the U.S. has a labyrinth. Many hospitals are incorporating them into their landscaping since walking the labyrinth is a way to center oneself. Apparently when one "does" a labyrinth, the left and right sides of the brain connect — leaving the person in a very different mental state.

The new hospital in Grants Pass, Oregon used the labyrinth as a fund raising tool. The bricks that form the labyrinth are donor bricks.

There also are fingertip labyrinths. These can be used by anyone and in hospitals; they are finding that a labyrinth is very effective during chemotherapy. If a patient finger walks a labyrinth during therapy, once reaching the center is in a very open state to concentrate on how the chemo is working on the cancer cells. Fiberoptic Lighting can produce ‘Enlightened Labrynths’ that meet one’s individual design and size specifications.