Database Customers Combat Data Theft Using Encryption Wizard for Oracle 11g

September 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Los Angeles, CA September 20, 2007 — Relational Database Consultants, Inc. (RDC) unveiled a new release of their Encryption Wizard software, now compatible with Oracle's 11g database. The Encryption Wizard is the first transparent data encryption suite designed for the Oracle RDBMS capable of providing point-and-click protection of sensitive data from data-theft.

With the new release for Oracle 11g our clients now have a stable upgrade path for years to come
Fortune 500 companies like Avis Budget Group, seeking compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), have successfully employed the Encryption Wizard on mission-critical production databases.

"With the new release for Oracle 11g our clients now have a stable upgrade path for years to come," RDC marketing director Don Parret says.

Aside from the regulatory liabilities of unprotected data, the Encryption Wizard shields Oracle customers from the prohibitive costs of the unthinkable — a security breach. In a study for the University of Hartford, it was calculated that a successful hacker could cost the prestigious institution $6 million by simply lifting Social Security numbers from one of their Oracle databases.

"Transparent encryption, good performance and low cost make the Encryption Wizard a winner," declares David Demabey, who lead the University of Hartford project to encrypt their relational data. "Performance for the Encryption Wizard is outstanding, and I would recommend the product to anyone for purchase."

The Encryption Wizard accomplishes its blazing-fast speed through the use of function indexes and Oracle's own dbms_obfuscation_toolkit and dbms_crypto APIs.

"Most database encryption products on the market today are hard to use and very slow, thus making the encryption process painful for developers," observes Don Parret of RDC. "With the Encryption Wizard, we make transparent data encryption enjoyable by hiding the complexity of the task with a slick interface."

In the future, protecting relational data with AES and DES cryptography are certain to be the standard for secure database applications.

Clients like Avis and University of Hartford are now well-positioned with their valuable data encrypted and have avoided the tragedy of ignoring data theft until it is too late.

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