Succeed in America's Business Communication Seminar for Immigrant Workforce

September 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Danbury, CT, USA, September 20, 2007 — On October 15 and 22 (Mondays), at 6:15 p.m. the Russell Library in Middletown, CT will host two part employability and business Communication workshops presented by Dr. Nara Venditti. The course together with her books, How To Get A Job in the USA and Ameri$peak, coach students with step by step explanations and instructions for the entire employment process as well as tips and advice on personal appearance, accent reduction, and business communication and behavior. While the course is directed towards foreign born and promotes cultural understanding and American values, it is useful for anyone who needs help with the job search process.

“Nara Venditti's workshops brought people to our library who had never come before. We are booking her seminar again because it offers the immigrant community information on succeeding in the business community," says Michelle Foyt, Business & Career Resources Librarian, Russell Library, Middletown, CT.

SUCCEED IN AMERICA is a Danbury, Connecticut, USA, based company which helps both the foreign-born and immigrant workforce and U.S. and non-US organizations to gain mutual understanding and cooperation with issues, such as workplace communication, customer service, skilled labor, ethnic marketing, diversity, English language skills, accent reduction, and employability. SUCCEED IN AMERICA’s website contains descriptions of the workshops available and helpful articles on diversity, communication in the workplace, cultural understanding, accent reduction, sexual harassment, employment and careers. Additionally Succeed in America website contains information on two newly released books : Ameri$peak (business vocabulary) and How to Get a Job in the USA. These books should be a big help to someone who is not a native American.

Dr. Nara Venditti, the president and founder of Succeed in America, arrived in the US 15 years ago with little resource and no knowledge of the American way of life. Starting with the initial visit to the public library for information about finding a job, she overcame many obstacles in order to establish both her personal life and professional career. In the process she learned much and is now dedicated to help others to avoid many of the mistakes and misconceptions that she had experienced.

Succeed in America Books
Ameri$peak™, is a mini-dictionary containing a list of the key words and expressions often spoken in the American business setting. This knowledge is essential to anyone who hopes to work in the US or who does business with Americans.

"This publication will go a long way to help non-native English speakers in understanding … the nuances of the English language. …it should also be required reading for individuals with global responsibilities," says Richard Guenther, VP and GM, Unisys Global Infrastructure Services.

The second book How To Get A Job In The USA™ helps immigrants to compete successfully in the American job market. The book details each step of the job search process by providing explanations, glossaries, exercises, templates and instructions with emphasis on aspects of cultural differences and American business communication basics. It tells the reader what to do and what to say every step of the way in their job search. The ultimate purpose of the book is to “jump start” acculturation and a cultural shift in foreign nationals and immigrants in understanding and accepting American values and to bring American employers and foreign born skilled workforce together. Among the testimonials is the endorsement from Brigid Cahalan of the New York Public Library and other librarians.

The books prices are $14.99 and $19.99 plus tax and $5.25 shipping/handling. They can be ordered from Succeed in America, PO 4724, Danbury, CT 06813-4724 or on-line at