MCAM™ - New solution for Web Security

September 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
While improving web secure engines, Digi-Sign INC pioneered a new powerful solution - the award winning Multiple Certificate Authority Management™ [MCAM™] technology that has revolutionized how Administrators manage Digital Certificate usage throughout the organization. Using this technology, multiple CA management, multiple Digital Certificate functionality (SSL, IPSec, etc.), multiple Registration Authority [RA] and multi-lingual capabilities can be combined with bulk deployment, renewal and revocation, multiple billing, reporting and scheduling of all activities across a single organization or multiple organizations and Departments.

No two organizations choose to operate in the same way and therefore every aspect of the system must be capable of adapting to each set of specific needs. MCAM™ is operating exactly in such a way. Using tried and tested methods within the software development sector, the entire system is made up of modules that can be quickly and easily modified.

MCAM™ is a unique offering in the market that has revolutionized the use of Digital Certificates. By its very design, numerous CAs, Digital Certificates and multiple organizational requirements can be delivered and managed from a single central point. No other vendor in the market currently offers this technology.

Multiple departments in many different locations can all use the same central system to control Digital Certificate deployment organization wide. Different web interfaces for Administrators and end users also mean that local languages can be incorporated easily.

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Digi-Sign secures the application, device or communication by using Digital Certificates [Digi-IDs™] to authenticate users and devices and/or encrypt communications. If you want to be absolutely sure who has access to what, or need to be absolutely sure that a transaction occurred, then Digi-Sign has a broad range of simple solutions designed to solve these important security issues, quickly and cost effectively.

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