T. E. Beveridge Becomes Director of Marketing and Sales for Used Fire Trucks at VFD-Funding Group and Will Griffin Fire.

September 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
T. E. (Els) Beveridge has been named the marketing and sales director for Will Griffin Fire. Her primary focus will be for the customer service for all sales of used fire trucks and the general operations of Used-FireTrucks.com and the closer related web sites.

T. E. Beveridge Comes to Will Griffin Fire with an education at Maryland University in Marketing and Business Admin. Additionally she is a graduate of the G.P.S.F. in Basic and Adv. Fire Fighting with 7 years in practical firefighting experience outside Boston and in the Atlanta area. She brings to the table advanced medical experience in trauma and search and rescue emergency medical care, as well as certifications as a graduate of Ga. Medical Institute, Graduating with honors, as a Xray Tech - Lab Tech - Phlebotomist and with her M.A. certificates.

Respected among her peers with a reputation as hardworking and loyal, she strives to bring to the table an intuitive open minded approach to client satisfaction and an innate practical hands-on understanding of what it is to face a fire and require ONLY the best equipment possible to protect and save the lives of the public and the publics properties as well as a desire to save the lives of fellow firefighters depending on excellence in hardware backup under adverse conditions and within limited budgeting restraints.

Els knows first hand the feeling of a SCBA on your back and what it is to crawling side by side with fellow fire fighters in a pitch black - smoke filled inferno. What it is to have to depend on that gear for survival and rescue. No challenge too diverse and with a thirst to learn and to stay updated on the newest techniques for best performance in a bad situation, she gained experience in Haz-Mat Rescue - Rescue Diving - Fire Fighting Instruction courses and has also dedicated hundreds of hours in professional and personal time to the rewards of providing educational awareness for youths from pre-K school to high school ages in both private and the public school systems in an effort to enlighten and save lives.

Elsibeth brings a core felt honesty, respect and understanding for the fire science industry and the men and women serving the public and risking their lives everyday to complete a shift and return to station alive and successful at what they do best.

She looks forward to being available to answer your questions and to continuing to be a part of a field of expertise she feels fortunate to be a part.

In her words:

" Will Griffin Fire employees are real Firefighters. These are not college graduates, without experience in a structural fire, that sit in a classroom and are told what it feels like to drip ice at midnight in 20F degree weather, 100F+ on a hot summer afternoon, and as the hoses go down and the heat turns up. - These men and myself, know what you face everyday out there; from financial & budgeting restraints to trying to define what type of apparatus and equipment is needed, to SBCA tank survival, to burns that heal slowly and the death watches for a brother fallen in the line of duty.

I enjoy being part of this team, because you can count on us at Will Griffin Fire to get the job done right. To satisfy ALL of your needs; BETTER - FASTER and MORE AFFORDABLE! Because firefighters are a small family, YOU are a priority not a number on a spread sheet and these men and myself take THAT bond seriously. This is why our company policy is that we give more than twice the customer service and at half the cost that any of our competitors practice and I really like working in this type of environment and with the team of great folks we have as our associates."

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